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  • Published: 17 May 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
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Jamie and Tristan have been best friends for as long as they could remember. That is until Tristan confesses his feelings for Jamie, how does she feel about this?
On top of that Amber the schools 'it' girl decides to give Tristan a makeover that leaves him cocky as ever.

Sneak peak...
~I remember his words, and the expression on his face, as if he were right in front of me.
"I love you, i always have, but i was too scared to tell you."
What a lie...
If he really loved me, he wouldn't have betrayed me.~


15. At last

Was i upset that Tristan moved on?

No i couldn't be, i should be happy.

I didn't like the new Tristan.

I missed the old one.

I missed his goofy smile, now he had that ugly smirk.

I missed his messy hair, which was replaced by the styled stiff quiff.

Out of everything he changed there is only one thing i don't mind. That he got rid of his glasses.

I'm not saying he looked bad with them, they were hiding his magnificent eyes.

I definitely did not have feelings for him.

But i may have feelings for the old Tristan.

Is that possible, to like and dislike the same person?

"I'm only stubborn because you've become such a jerk." I said.

"I'm tired of people walking all over me." He said angry.

"So you became one of them." I said.

That shut him up.

He noticed that i was in a wheelchair.

He had a guilty look.

"That accident was my fault, wasn't it."

"No-" he cut me off.

"If i didn't go and change then we would have never went to that party in the first place. I'm an awful friend. They convinced me that changing would make my life better." He said with his head in his hands.

"You didn't need to change, you were perfect the way you were. I miss the old Tristan." I whispered.

He looked up at me and ran his fingers through his hair like he used to. They got stuck. "Damn gel." He muttered breaking the silence.

I laughed quietly.

"I missed you too. The populars didn't understand me the way you did. I'm sorry for being such a jerk." He said.

At last! He was back to normal.

"Its alright i forgive you." I said hugging him. "I'm so glad your back to normal."

"I kinda don't want to go back to looking the way i did." He said. "I want to change something up, any ideas?"

" glasses?" I said.

He looked at me confused.

"Ones with bigger lenses so people can see you eyes better." I said.

"Okay, anything else?"

I thought for a moment.

"Cut your hair a bit on the sides and in the front." I said running my fingers through his hair trying to comb out the gel.

He nodded. "Thats a good idea."

"Oh, one last thing. You should change your relationship status." I said trying to hide a smile.

He looked confused. "What would a change it to?"

"Possibly 'in a realationship'." I said slightly blushing.

He smiled realizing what i meant.

"I thought you didn't like me like that?" He asked.

"I didn't like the new Tristan like that." I said laughing.

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