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  • Published: 17 May 2014
  • Updated: 23 Apr 2016
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Jamie and Tristan have been best friends for as long as they could remember. That is until Tristan confesses his feelings for Jamie, how does she feel about this?
On top of that Amber the schools 'it' girl decides to give Tristan a makeover that leaves him cocky as ever.

Sneak peak...
~I remember his words, and the expression on his face, as if he were right in front of me.
"I love you, i always have, but i was too scared to tell you."
What a lie...
If he really loved me, he wouldn't have betrayed me.~


27. Answers

Why is it that everyone I'm close with turns on me? Just thinking about Patricia befriending me, only to get back at me for Amber made my stomach turn.

Why do people have to be so cruel, if Amber had a problem with me then why couldn't she just talk to me, why does she need to ruin my life?

I already missed Tristan.

I want to forgive him really badly because we've been through so much and each time he messed up he never left my side, in the end he always came back. The only problem was, how much more pain could I take?


I had to face yet another dreaded day of school, though this time I had no one to lean on. It was going to be extremely difficult to avoid Patricia, Tristan, Amber and all the hurtful comments.

"Jamie, Jamie!"

I sped up the moment I recognized Patricia's voice.

"Please just listen to me!" She said grabbing my arm.

"What!?" I said harshly.

"Amber told me if I helped her she would make me popular, and my whole life that is all that I wanted. But the more I got to know you and Tristan, the guiltier I became, the only problem was that there was no way for me to back out, you know what she is capable of. Jamie I'm so sorry." She said as tears brimmed the edges of her eyes.

"What is with everyone and wanting to be popular, it just destroys people. You see before Amber became popular, she was actually a really nice person. Popularity just goes to most peoples heads and alters their personalities for the worst. I trusted you Patricia, I trusted you." I said fighting back tears.

"Popular people always look so happy and I know, I realize the mistake I made and I wish I could go back in time and make sure I never met her in the first place. I really hope you can one day forgive me, I really am sorry."

"They are just like you and I, they have flaws too." I say looking at Amber who is at the end of the hall with her friends." I will learn to forgive you over time, just not yet and your going to have to understand that. Could you answer one question for me?"

"I do understand, I betrayed your trust and yeah what is it?" She said nervously fiddling with the hem of her shirt, as if this were an interrogation.

"Why does Amber have it out for me, we used to be so close?" 

Patricia thinks for a minute probably debating weather she should tell me or not. "Like you said you two were really close, and you two we also really close with Tristan and Daniel. Well she had a major crush on Daniel and she told me that you would always flirt with him. Eventually he gained a crush on you but it was too late for him to do anything about it because school was almost over and he wasn't going to this school. She then vowed to make your life miserable for stealing someone she really cared about."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "I never liked Daniel, we were just really close, like Tristan and I. I never thought of him as more then a friend. Even if I did I would have never gone after him because I knew she liked him."

"Really, maybe you should tell her that." Patricia said.

"She won't believe me, but it's worth a shot." I said. "One more thing, how did you know where we were going yesterday, Tristan told nobody?"

"I told Amber where you lived and when I left your house I texted her to come and so she just followed you guys there." She said looking at the floor.

When neither of us had anything left to say it got awkward.

"Well good luck then." Patricia said taking the silence as her cue to leave.

"Thanks." I say heading to my locker.


I stopped and turned back around. "Yeah?"

"Please get back together with Tristan. You two are made for each other, I watched you two together and you bring the best out in one another." She said walking away before I could protest.

"We'll see." I said to no one in particular.  

Hello awesome readers!

Okay so I'm sad to say but I think Betrayed is almost over ;(

I will try to come up with more ideas for it, but yeah Tamie (Tristan & Jamie) is coming to an end *tear* 

But don't threat it isn't over yet, just soon!

In the meantime please check out my other movellas, Redo, The Switch, The Tragedy of Me (which is completed) and my newest movella Beauty & Brain.  





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