Sometimes You Have To Fall Before You Fly

Not all stories have happy endings.


2. Chapter One

"I wanna go to real school!I hate being stuck in this house."I said.
"It's for your own good."My Mom said.
"I want to be a normal teenager."I said.
"But your not a normal teenager."
"I think it would be a good idea to have her make friends." my dad said.
"But she can get sick."she said.
"I'm already sick." I mumbled.
"Fine,but you better be careful."she gave in.
"Thank you!" I said hugging her.
"I'll in role you today and you can go on Monday."my dad said.
I ran up stairs full with joy.Well I didn't really run,I have oxygen tank and I have to haul it around.Just like the girl in "The Fault in Our Stars" I love that book,its sad though.I can relate to it a lot but my stories different.Were so different but just alike.
Today was Saturday I can not wait to start school!All I've ever known was my family and family friends.I did go to school before I was diagnosed,when I was little I was but then when I got older I would kept getting sick when I went to school.My mom brought me to the doctors and he said it was possible I could be getting cancer but it was hard to tell.So my mom home schooled me for awhile.My grandmother had leukemia also but she died.I'm not feeling so good and I hate vomiting,i just go up to bed.
~Next Day~
Today I have a doctors appointment and those are never fun for me.I quickly put on a pair of skinny jeans,I have to take out the tubes to my oxygen making it hard to breath for a little.I usually put it under my clothes but sometimes it irritates me.I slip a black tank top on and a zip up sweatshirt.I then replace my oxygen sending relief to my lungs.
"Erika let's go." my mom said.
"K I'll be down in a second."I yelled back.I hate going to the doctors,whenever I go there they always seem to find another thing wrong with me.I shrug it off and make it outside to the car.Wow,my mom was rushing me but yet I'm the one waiting on her.She finally makes her way to the car and were off to the doctors.It wasn't a long ride because my parents thought it would be best if we lived close to the doctors and hospital.
"So she seems to be doing really good,but lets not keep our hopes up,shes still at a high risk of death."My doctor,Richard,announced.It's like this every time,he always says the same thing.I started to blank out the conversation until I heard him say,"another proscription."
"Wait what?"I asked, I didn't really think I needed anything else I already four pills three times a day.
"Well the medicine that already take is helping but I recommend something stronger."he said while writing the prescription on a piece of paper.
"Thank you Dr.Richard."My mom said and with that we left.
Today's Saturday and because my parents are enrolling me into high school on monday they went out to go get me new clothes,I wasn't able to go because my over protective mother didn't want me to get sick and not be able to go to school at all plus they're going to the mall and I get really dizzy and have a panic attack in large crowds.Ya I know school there's a lot of people but I'll be fine there because I'm not gonna be surrounded by people for hours in school.
I honestly only want to go to school because they have a really greet English department and I want to be a writer and being home schooled isn't going to help.The thing I'm mostly not going to like about school is the people because most of them are immature and to be honest I don't even know where most of them are going to go after high school,what college to go to,what to major in,what job to get.I want to go to Harvard.Want to major in literature and be an author one day write about my struggles with cancer and defeating it,if I do which is unlikely.For now all I can do now is dream.....


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