One Direction No Choice

Just when you thought no one knew your secret... THEN... you find out a bunch of people know... thats exactly what happened to Sky exept... her secret is probibly a LOT bigger than yours. And some of those people are exactly the type of people she dosent want knowing her secret... in fact I dont think she would exactly call them "people".



  Ok guys so this is my first book on Movellas so just try to stay with me. O.K.? And please... no rude coments . I'll try to update as much as possible... nah..I'll update when I feel like it and if you have a problem with that then...CRY A RIVER, BUILD A BRIDGE, AND GET OVER IT !!! by the way if i sound kind of mean im sorry im not trying to be its just i'ev been under a lot of stress lately. so again im sorry. If you all have any questions fill free to ask.

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