Blu fawn.

Fawn rose (a spirit of the glum) reunites with an old love that disappeared from her life years ago. Only to find that maybe he isn't the way to go when she meets a beautiful icy blue eyed girl that opens fawns eyes to a different kind of love.

Love is blind after all.


2. fond of fawn.

There was this boy, he didn't live too far from me, he would walk by my house humming to a song I hear in both worlds. He is one of the connections I've always had in everything I do.

Every passage I have I always hear that toon or see his eyes. He is a special one, I can feel it. Whenever he walks by I feel something strange. Rose always knows best. Rose never lies to me and she came all the way to this world why would she travel throught to tell me a lie!

"STOP YELLING AT ME ROSE!" I scream. She keeps yelling at me because I was sceptical as to if she was telling a lie before. I see the boys ice blue eyes staring at me. I smack myself and look at him. I always get stares, for my unusual as violet eyes always capture attention. That's rose, she has made her home there.

"Fawn! Over here crazy eyes come smoke a joint with your old pal!" I look over to see titanium soul. I haven't seen his beautiful tan face for years.

"Titan what's up city slick. Rose is still mad at you." His eyes turn from light green to black and he sits down, his skin begins to turn gray. His body now skin and bones. I look at what used to be blonde silky hair, now colourless and straw like strands sit on my shoulders. I look over to see rose and soul speaking. I join titanium on the ground beside my porch. He takes a puff of his roll and blows the smoke slowly into my mouth. I hold it for a second and let it seep off my lips slowly.

"I've missed you fawn." He puts his arm around me. I look at him and put my head on his shoulder.

"There's another one of us, he walks by every day." I feel his arm tense up. I kiss his cheek, he takes another inhale of his smoke. Blowing a couple o's then giving up and blowing it all out. He seems frustrated, his gray fingers rubbing my arm slowly.

" maybe it's silk, Capella silk. The fire spirit." He blows smoke out of his nose, Imitating Capella.

"But why would a she spirit enter a male body? And she is red, not blue." Titanium nods.

"I guess your right, like always." He kisses me.

"I really missed you fawn. I'm sorry we where separated this long... Il make sure it never happens again." He looks at me and smoke seeps out of his mouth. He smiles and plays with my colourless hair.

"It was hard for me to be left in the dark like that, you broke me and.." He cuts me off "that wasn't me and you know it." His hands are on my face now. They slide off and he finishes off his smoke.

"We have decided to live like before." Rose yells over. I look at titanium, he has a blade in his hand, it slices his gray skin. Green liquid seeps out of the wound, he fills a small bottle with his blood and seals it with a cap. He attaches it to a leather string and ties it around my neck.

"Now, I will always be with you." His eyes begin to turn green. His whole body turns into green lightning and he scream. The green glow disappears and he is back in his human form.

"Your turn." I hear rose whisper beside me. I look at my arms and they are filled with flowers, the flowers turn to spikes. Then all I see is pink dust.

"You better keep that neaklace." He grabs my waist, pulling me close, kissing my lips.

"I will"

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