You & I

"Zayn, i'm not going to leave and let them hurt you.." I pleaded.
"The only thing that'd hurt me, is if you were to get hurt.. So please, go.." His golden brown eyes melted into mine.
I didn't want to leave him, but I knew that if I did get hurt.. He would just blame himself.
"No matter what, it'll always be you and I.. I promise." He added.
He planted his lips on mine one last time and I went sprinting off.
Only if I would've known he wouldn't make it back.. I would've stayed with him at that moment.
I lost him forever.. Or, so I thought.
♡ A Zayn Malik fan fiction ♡


2. Chapter 1 ♡

♡ Isabell's P.O.V ♡

It's been exactly 2 years. 2 years ever since I lost the love of my life.

I remember it all like it happened yesterday.

* Flashback *

I finally got the strength to get up off of the ground, and left the alley. It's already dark out, but it doesn't matter to me because at this point.. Everything's dark to me.

I feel like I don't have the courage to go back to the auto shop because what I might see. Zayn's body could be lying on the ground, those guys could be there waiting for me, or I might not see anything or anyone.

To be honest, I don't want to go back. But, I have to.

As I start to walk back to the place that is starting to hold terrible terrible memories, I feel my body shiver. It's cold outside, but my shivers are coming more from scaredness.

I walk inside, and immediately go towards the car me and Zayn were hiding behind.


There's a huge puddle of blood sitting right where we were.

"No.. No!" I scream while kicking the car.

The alarm goes off but i'm almost definite that my screams and cries are much louder.

"No! He can't be dead! God, no!" I yell.

"Miss, what are you doing?!" A man in a dirty uniform pops out from behind a different car.

I continue to sob, and just run as fast as I can. My house is probably not the best place to go right now, so I go to the first place I can go..

Gemma's house.

* End of flashback *

I've been living with Gemma for 2 years now. She told me that whenever I fully recovered, that I can go back.

But I haven't recovered.

I have nightmares.. Awful terrible nightmares of different ways Zayn died that night. I could've saved him.. God damn it, I could've saved him. Or at least maybe they would've killed just me and he could've made it instead. Either way, things could've been different.. For the past 2 years i've done nothing but cry, cut myself, and actually consider suicide a few times. But Gemma and Harry made sure that I was safe. They always made me feel better and they made sure I didn't do anything stupid. Gemma and I have been bestfriends ever since the start of high school. Yeah, we got in a few fights here and there.. But it was never anything serious. Harry is her younger brother, but is an older brother to me in my eyes. He's 20 but i'm 19. He's always been there for me, and I know that if I ever need anyone to protect me.. He'll be there. Harry actually became close with Zayn, and once I told him about what happened to Zayn, he lost it.

We all did.

I went back to my house once, to find it utterly destroyed and turned upside down that awful night. Everything was ruined. Everything. The only thing I had left was the necklace Zayn got me from my 18th birthday. It's quite beautiful, it has a bird on it and on the birds wing is a little crystal diamond ingraved into it.

I look down at my neck, and see the little bird shine into my view.

"You see this diamond? Well, it shows that you're the diamond of my life. You shine so bright, nothing else is in sight for me. All I see.. Is you Bell. Nothing and no one else. I love you Bell, nothing is ever going to tear us apart.. I promise."

My heart aches at the old memory of my parted lover, and I feel a tear stream down my face.

I wish he would've never left me here all alone on this cruel Earth. I need him with me. He's all I had.

"Bell, are you alright?" Gemma walks in and breaks my emotional mind of thought.

"Yeah.." I sniffle and wipe the tear of my cheek.

"Thinking about him?"

I nod.

She walks over to me and sits down beside me on the bed.

"I know it's hard.. You're hurt, and feel abandoned. I don't like you feeling this way babe. You deserve to be happy for the rest of your freaking life."

"I'm not happy without him."

"C'mon, we're going somewhere." She stands up and puts her hand out in front of me.


"Somewhere that will make you feel better. Trust me."

I hesitate, but decide to grab out on her hand.

She walks me over to her room, and looks through her closet.

"This one."

She pulls out a short red dress that's strapless and the back is made of black lace.

"We aren't going out to get drunk.. Right?" I sigh.

"We don't have to get drunk, but if you change your mind.. It's always a choice." She smirks.

"What's always a choice?" Harry walks in.

"We're going out to a club, want to come?" Gemms asks while smiling.

"Sure.. Are you alright Bell, your eyes are a bit puffy?" He walks towards me and lifts my chin up with his fingertips.

"Just depressed."

"Don't be, I know it's hard.. But I want you to be happy again Bell. You really have to try." He gently moves his fingers away and I nod.

"I'll try.." I sigh again.

"C'mon, let's go get our minds off things!" Gemma says excitedly and hands me the dress.

I have no idea what's going to go down tonight.. And i'm not sure I want to.

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