The English house

Jasmine Clinton is a young girl, her mam moves in with her new family the Martin-browns she doesn't think she can fit in because they are a posh rich English family and she is a teenage American girl. She falls for Josh grey a close friend of the Martin-browns but he also goes out with the family's older sister kate. Is she taking a risk by liking him or will the family be torn apart


2. chapter two: who's that boy?

I was getting dressed when Kate came in she was in a pink printed dress and some white pumps, she sat on her bed and got a book out from under her pillow,

"So your very quite," she smirked I looked at her, what did she mean? I didn't answer her because I don't know what to say,

" you don't have to be scared I don't bite." She put her book down and stood up, slowly she walked to her makeup desk and picked up a hair brush. Her long strands of hair just waved behind her back like the wind was blowing it.

"Your house is very pretty," that's all I could really say she kept bushing her hair,

"Too bad..." She said smugly she didn't finish her sentence because my mam had just walked in. She looked at me with a stunned face.

"It's seems like forever since you have twin a dress, Jasmine you look perfect." I smiled at her face she seemed over the moon I was so happy to see her smile.

About and half an hour later we were at the dinner table all dressed up in fancy gowns and hair clips. Mr Martin-brown was so pleased to see me and my sister Rachel dressed for the occasion. We were chomping into our food when someone speaks,

"Sorry I'm late sir, my dad had me working an extra hours shift." He explained I turned around to see a talk skinny boy with messy straight blonde hair blue eyes and tanned skin, he looked at me I swiftly looked back down,

" it's nice to meet you Miss.Clinton." Brushing his hair out of the way he put his guitar at the far comet and sat down next to Rachel. Dinner was a little awkward but after an hour or so it was over, we went out side in the back garden were there was fairy lights and a disco ball. Everyone was dancing and I even joined in. I saw that boy and Kate talking at the party, they were giggling and gazing into each other's eyes i hoped that the were just friends but I knew that, that wasn't the case. The nameless boy went to the toilet and I asked Kate who he was,

"It's Josh grey, he's my boyfriend!" She ran to him as soon as he came back he was pulled away by her and the crowed to the dance floor. I like the look of Josh... But not in that way of coarse...

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