The English house

Jasmine Clinton is a young girl, her mam moves in with her new family the Martin-browns she doesn't think she can fit in because they are a posh rich English family and she is a teenage American girl. She falls for Josh grey a close friend of the Martin-browns but he also goes out with the family's older sister kate. Is she taking a risk by liking him or will the family be torn apart


6. chapter six- the effects

About an hour later after the drama I went to ask Kate what I had done, I walked down the twisted stairs. Kate was down stairs with Josh the we're cuddling each other on the sofa watching a movie, Josh looked back at me the guilt on his face was showing he had just played me like a toy and threw me out my eyes filled up as Kate turned around.

"I hope you aren't joining us." She cackled at that moment I was filled with tears I don't know why I was crying I kept telling my self that I didn't

like him but I knew that it wasn't true I really did like him so much.

After that I didn't see Josh much the only times I saw him was when he was with Kate, they had been going out quite a lot and everyday Kate went out with him she got more and more catty. Like on Wednesday I was with my mam and Taylor we were on the kitchen bench eating 'space raiders.'

"I heard about your little story's..." She got up all in my face and then walked away.

"Aha, pathetic!" You could hear her talking to Josh down the corridor they were laughing and giggling probably at me. My mam an Taylor both said ignore them but how could I ignore them when she's my step sister and he is a SoCal friend and I would practically see them everyday... I've got to say Josh did try to talk to me but I kept turning him down and walking away, every single time it killed me to know that I want to talk to him but I couldn't because he was bad person

That night I was alone in my room once again I didn't know we're Josh and Kate were, I hear the tapping noise I heard the other day I opens the window only to find Josh standing underneath the balcony. Kate walked in the door behind me,

"We have just broke up and your already on to him!" She screamed her tears dripping onto the floor at this point John and mam were in the room.

"Girls what's going on?" Mom asked she went to hug Kate as she was in tears and made it look like it was my fault, Kate shrugged and moved away.

"Why are you all here can't you see that you are forcing yourself's into our lives." John looked at her in disgust everyone was upstairs know it had turned into a drama scene. My heart started thumping like mad it was hurting my chest, it was like my heart was running in laver I couldn't take it. Suddenly breathing was difficult what was happening to me it was all too much it came to the point were I just fell to the ground everything from there was a black room full of nothing not even me... Was I dead?

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