The English house

Jasmine Clinton is a young girl, her mam moves in with her new family the Martin-browns she doesn't think she can fit in because they are a posh rich English family and she is a teenage American girl. She falls for Josh grey a close friend of the Martin-browns but he also goes out with the family's older sister kate. Is she taking a risk by liking him or will the family be torn apart


7. chapter seven- close to dead

"Jasmine..." I heard a faint voice it seemed like it was miles away, my eyes opens to see a woman in a light blue uniform standing in front of me.

"Wake up darling, are you feeling any better?" She asked my eyes were just starting to open I could feel a pain in my chest it felt like I was empty and I had nothing in there but air, I turned to my right and my hands were in cables that looked like they were ever lasting.

"Are you ok?" I heard the voice of my mam I looked up to see her face filled with tears, her whole body was shaking as she looked back down. The nurses were holding her other hand as she held on to mine, as soon as I tried to get up I released I was in the emergency room been attended to by nurses and doctors. The door flung open John opens the door and stood there watching my every breathe, there was a moment of silence that surrounded the air, it was intense I felt as if there was something going on that I didn't know about that I felt they should tell me.

"Mom what's going on why am I here and not in the house... I can't remember a thing," she found the strength to move her head up and look at me, she ran her fingers threw my hair and rested her long thin fingers on my forehead. She sighed and started to tear up again,

"You have your life ahead of you jaz, I love you so much your my world and my best friend.... I didn't want to be the one to tell you this but..." More and more tears came down her rosey cheeks at this point john was hugging her as she couldn't speak,

"Jasmine dear don't give up have....cancer...." Her voice simmered down as she was in tears her heart had just ripped apart.

"NO,NO... YOUR LIEING TO ME!!" I screamed I was having a fit trying to get out of this trap it was all to sudden. Doctors and more doctors rushed in to stop me from my rampage, then all of a sudden I felt a sharp prick in my arm, everything went black agian.......

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