The English house

Jasmine Clinton is a young girl, her mam moves in with her new family the Martin-browns she doesn't think she can fit in because they are a posh rich English family and she is a teenage American girl. She falls for Josh grey a close friend of the Martin-browns but he also goes out with the family's older sister kate. Is she taking a risk by liking him or will the family be torn apart


4. chapter four: risk taker

The next morning was a Monday since we were still half way through the holidays I slept in, I hadn't got loads of sleep since I spent about two hours in the woods with the boy that shall remain nameless. My little sister walked in with Liz and Sofia they were all in cute tops and shorts, they were all going to the park with mam and John,. Behind them was Kate also in shorts,

"Are you coming to the park?" She asked is shook my head and stretched I didn't think she cared weather I was going to the park or not.

"We'll you'll be alone with Sarah and Josh because there not coming." She said as she got her sunglasses and walked out the room with the three girls. I looked in the mirror all I could see was my long nose and thick brown hair I had awkward freckles across my face and ivy eyes, I couldn't help but wish too look like Kate. She was thin and tall with long blonde hair and dark greeny blue eyes, shes basically model material I was nothing compared to her.

"Miss jasmine would you like your breakfast in here?" Sarah asked while walking in she came with a tray full of food she expected me to choose what I wanted to have for breakfast when there was some many things to choose from. I picked the oats and the banana, after chomping on my breakfast I went and washed my face and got ready. It was about 12pm when I finally went down stairs everyone was gone to the park and I was all alone with Sarah and Josh, as I went into the living room Josh eyed me from the door to the sofa.

"So do you basically live here?" I asked smugly he chuckled and smiled I was currently blushing at his tanned face and his sparkly eyes.

"Yeah it's basically my second home." After he answered that it was all awkward he was flicking around the tv and I was fiddling with my hair, I don't even like him but yet again I feel the urge to stare at him all day.

"Why aren't you at the park with Kate," I asked interested to know why, he just shrugged and stared at me again, he did that thing that boys do in the movies when they smile and say nothing. I looked away and stood up I was leaving because at that moment in time I knew I like Josh... And I also knew I was a bad person and couldn't stay...

I went into the garden for some fresh air my hair blowing in the summer breeze, suddenly the door opens

"You don't have avoid me," a voice called I looked back only to find Josh standing there his face gleaming in the sun.

"I'm not avoiding you I'm generally staying away from you!" I scrawled at him his face went red as he walked closer and closer to me, he sat down and brushed his hair upwards,

"We are just friends... I really want to be your friend but it just seems like you don't like me." He looked down I didn't mean for him to feel this way I felt bad, considering I really really like him and I just don't want to show him.

"Well I'm sorry to make you feel that way it's just that... Well... You don't really know me." I muttered under my breath he smirked and walked up close to me he stood about a foot away from me and said,

"Well if we're going to be friends I need too know about you." I panicked I wasn't interesting at all I was afraid he might be board of me after I said the first word.

" well I'm from Chicago and I have lived there all my life, I'm 14 years old and have a little sister called Tyler I used to live with my mam and dad but my dad had to go work on... A movie so my parents split..." I took a breath and looked down.

" I was very close to my dad we did everything together we went on holidays and everything my favorite holiday was when we went to Egypt, it was so fun... I miss him." He leans in for a hug but I jerked away,

"Look your a nice person but I don't want to get close or I'll be risking everything and I'm not a risk taker." I got up and sadder away not looking back. I could see that this boy was trouble, but a part of me wanted more...

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