The English house

Jasmine Clinton is a young girl, her mam moves in with her new family the Martin-browns she doesn't think she can fit in because they are a posh rich English family and she is a teenage American girl. She falls for Josh grey a close friend of the Martin-browns but he also goes out with the family's older sister kate. Is she taking a risk by liking him or will the family be torn apart


5. chapter five: your not wanted here

It was around 4:20 pm when everyone came back I was just alone in my bedroom reading Romeo and Juliet, then Kate walked in she was screaming at someone,

"GET OUT," she yelled I looked up to her she was crying she walked to the window,

"Please what have I done?" A voice called from the lower ground Kate slammed the window shut the blinds and closed the curtains. Yes maybe she was been a bit dramatic but she really did seem upset her mascara was dripping all the way down to her to her white cami. She cried for what seem like forever a slowly and carefully walked up to her

" are you okay Kate, what's wrong?" I was been sweet and gentle with her but it only seemed to make her cry more and more, she jumped on her bed and sobbed after a while she stopped,

"Did you come all the way here to ruin my life? I don't even know you!" Her voice trembled she was crying because of me, I don't even talk to Kate and already she she was blaming things on me.

"Just get out go home and never come back your just an ordinary girl from the depths of America my dad just feels sorry for you and you mom and sister, your not wanted here." She said while walking out the door... Was what she said true... I sat back down on the chair near the window,

Maybe it was time for me to leave... And never return

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