Back at District 12

Whilst Katniss is off fighting for her life in The Hunger Games, what's happening back at home? What is Gale feeling about Katniss' relationship with Peeta? He's watching it all back home,but what is he thinking?


1. The Woods

I woke up next to Posy, who had climbed onto my bed last night. Night mares again. She lay next to me, her brown locks covering her swollen eyes that had previously been rain clouds. I was always the first awake. Strapping up my boots and grabbing my forage bag, I left my bedroom. It used to be my father's forage bag. Before the accident.

'Gale?' Posy lifted her head and glanced directly at me. I brushed her soft hair and twirled it round my finger, trying to be gentle. Kissing her lightly on her freckled forehead, I hushed and told her to return to sleep. Normally I'm harsh and heavy handed, but when I'm with Posy it's different. She's my world and I adore her. No one could ever hurt her. Even in her five year old mind, she knew today I may never come home.

I threw the squirrel I caught yesterday over my shoulder and made my way to the Bakery. The Mellark's owned the bakery. Mr Mellark is a kind man who always gives me what I'm earned, but I've seen Mrs Mellark beat her sons before.

Mr Mellark gave me the money and I handed him the squirrel. I left the Bakery and made my way towards the woods. The woods is the place where I'm at my happiest but it's not the woods that does it to me though. It's her.

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