Back at District 12

Whilst Katniss is off fighting for her life in The Hunger Games, what's happening back at home? What is Gale feeling about Katniss' relationship with Peeta? He's watching it all back home,but what is he thinking?


2. The girl

Nearly half way to the woods, my journey was disrupted. Madge was buying a dress. She looked prettier than usual. Her crystal blue eyes met mine and her sweet smile took me into a gaze. I've had a crush on Madge ever since I started delivering strawberries to her dad, the mayor.

'Gale!' Her Irish accent still soft and flowing even when she was shouting for my attention.

'Sorry, I was..uh..distracted.' Stay cool. She knows I was staring. She must know. Stay cool.

'Which one should I get?' She held two dresses, both cost more than my family's savings.

'The white one' I pointed to a plain white dress that perfectly complimented her ice cold eyes. Without a thought she pays for the dress and looks at her watch.

'I have to go' Her light pink lips touch my cheek and she leaves, her hair flowing behind her. She was perfect, but I never had a chance. Anyway, I knew she wasn't right for me. I can't imagine me in a suit attending meetings as the mayor's son-in-law. My brown hair actually brushed and gelled back. That's definitely not for me. My mind was elsewhere. It was with her.

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