The Notebook.

In London at 12:00 am . The police station received a call which included : “ Oh my god ! Police station , we need an ambulance to this address . we have a teenager victim “
The police station replied :” okay sir , just 10 minutes and everything will be okay , just hold on and do not touch the victim”


4. Where is Harry ?


Harry’s father “ The king “ took harry to France to visit his friend “the king of France “

When they entered th castle , harry’s father saw a nice , beautiful young lady walking towards the king’s office .

At that time , harry was thinking of sara , because they travelled so quickly without any preparations .

When they saw the king of France in his office :-


-Harry’s father : hello Michael , so busy to say hi , Haa ?

- Michael : hi William , you know how hard to be a king , missing our days .

  while harry was thinking :-

-william : this is my son . harry , the prince

-michael : how grown up – you look !

  Harry smiled carelessly ,,

William : how about this beautiful lady ? Michael : ooh! This is my daughter “jasmine” she is 16 years old . jasmine : hi sir , so nice to meet you . I apologize, my english is not so good . william : its okay , this is my son harry jasmine with a shy smile : hello harry

         Harry smiled .

jasmine liked harry’s eyes , harry’s smile and harry’s hair .

William liked jasmine , he was thinking that jasmine will be the one who give harry the care he wanted .

At that time , harry was feel bored

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