The Notebook.

In London at 12:00 am . The police station received a call which included : “ Oh my god ! Police station , we need an ambulance to this address . we have a teenager victim “
The police station replied :” okay sir , just 10 minutes and everything will be okay , just hold on and do not touch the victim”


1. teenager dream


   One day , there was a teenager girl , her name was Sara . she was just 17 years old. She lived in a normal house with normal family , not so much rich , but they are alive !

Sara was admiring the prince .

His name was harry . his age was the same as Sara’s .

Her dream was to be with him all the time but she knew that her dream was impossible . Sara was so beautiful, like a princess with her big and white heart .


----( Sara said )----

**it is that feeling when your heart and your mind can not stop thinking about that person who might love someone else  **


  One day , she was walking in her school , suddenly!! she saw the prince . she was so happy to see him .

He was searching for a good school to start studying in .

Once he saw her eyes, he felt something very weird . he wanted to know her name . he chose the school and entered the same class with Sara . she was very happy and she was saying “ my dream will come true”


---- (( Sara said )) ----

** it is that feeling when you believe that with hope and patience , everything impossible will be possible to happen **


  Days later , harry had decided to say hi to Sara and to ask her to sit with him in the chemistry lab , because he know nothing about chemistry. Sara quickly said “yes” .

Their relation ship became stronger . he sat with her on the break time and he told her about his life in the castle and how his father is angry because he always says that harry should complete his studying to be a king and to know more information like anyone else . 


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