The Notebook.

In London at 12:00 am . The police station received a call which included : “ Oh my god ! Police station , we need an ambulance to this address . we have a teenager victim “
The police station replied :” okay sir , just 10 minutes and everything will be okay , just hold on and do not touch the victim”


2. How amazing you are


  One day , their school made a party . harry decided to ask Sara to be his girl, she accepted . she wore the most beautiful dress in her closet . not so expensive but its okay .

When she went to the party, she saw Harry waiting for her . when he saw her eyes , he smiled . he was telling her that she has the most beautiful , in every time , she feel shy

“ this dance will be just for lovers “

^^slow music had started ,, ^^

Harry : Sara, would you like to dance with me ? Sara : but we are not lovers !! Harry : then we can be , I love you pretty girl , your eyes stole me and my heart <3 Sara : Lets dance .

   12:00 am , The End of the party ..

 -Harry: do you dare me to give you the biggest hug in the world ?

-Sara: there is a lot of people here .

-Harry: do you dare ?

-Sara: Yes !!


That night , especially in that second . she was over the moon , 

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