Brotherly Love

Jack and Alex's parents get married making them step-brothers, but the two end up sharing a little bit more than just brotherly love. [Jalex.]


3. Chapter Three

So far the last couple of weeks living in this ‘house’ were pretty good. Alex and I surprisingly got along most of the time. Right now wasn't exactly one of ‘those ‘getting-along’ days. I was trying to finish some homework that was assigned earlier today. It was Friday, but I didn't have plans and I didn't wanna have to wait and do it last minute on Sunday night or even Monday morning, which happened way too often. I was sitting on my bed doing my work and Alex was sitting on his bed listening to music. That didn't really bother me none, he liked most of the same things as me, so it wasn't a problem if he felt the need to blare it through the room.

“Do you ever do anything for fun?” he asked me, shouting over his music. I just looked at him shrugging my shoulders and flipping a page of my note book. “Why are you even doing school work on a Friday night?” he asked. 

“Because I have nothing better to do and I don't want to worry about it later.” he cocked his eyebrow at me giving me a dumb look. He was actually a really smart kid, I'm not sure how, I’ve never seen him even look at a text book before. I guess he was one of those ‘I’m smart without trying people’.

“I have pot.” he said randomly. I looked at him and he turned down the music some. “I mean, if you want some.” To be honest, I’ve never smoked before. I didn't even know that Alex did. 

“I didn't know you smoked.”

“What? Do you have something against it or something?” he asked getting a little defensive about it. 

“No, no. I just… I’ve never smoked before and I never pegged you for much of a smoker.” I said shaking my head and shrugging my shoulders a little. 

“Well, I don't smoke all the time, just occasionally.” he looked at me for a second and shuffled around his bed. He opened his drawer and moved stuff around before pulling out a small plastic bag and something made of glass. He looked at me again, “Want some?”

I shook my head a little, feeling a little nervous. I kind of always wanted to try it, but at the same time I didn't. He held it out to me, silently asking me again. I took a deep breath before speaking, “Sure.” I said, and got up going over to Alex’s bed. 

“Do you know how to use a bowl?” he asked and I shook my head. “Oh, yeah, you never smoked before. Well, today we can pop that cherry.” he laughed a little too himself. I still had this nervous feeling in my gut. I didn't want to be caught by anyone, our parents were gone for a while, but I still felt nervous. 

“Its not that hard.” Alex said getting my attention. “All you have to do is put a little in here,” he instructed and pinched some of the pot into the… bowl? I think. I was still confused I why it was called a bowl. “Now, keep your finger over this hole when you suck in. Just watch.” he held the glass up to his mouth and pointed the lighter, lighting the pot. He only did that for a couple seconds before breathing in more and pulled the glass away from his mouth. He let it set for second then breathed out. 

The smoke was rather inserting the watch, as it floated away in all different patterns. “See, easy. Do you want to try it?” I nodded and took the bowl from him. I held it to my lips and Alex handed me the lighter. I mimicked his motions, lighting the weed. I sucked in and took the glass away. I started to breathe out and coughed a little. “Breathe in a little too much?” he asked and took the stuff back. I nodded rubbing my throat. “This was the first time you ever smoked pot?” he asked, taking another hit of it. I nodded. 

“Yeah, I was just never around people that did, or at least they didn't so it while I was around.” he blowed the smoke to the side and handed it back to me. I took it again holding it to my mouth and lighting it. This time I was careful to not breathe too much at once. I breathed it out slowly, watching the smoke leave my mouth. I coughed a little at the end, but not as much as the first time. 

“You like the smoke, huh?” I nodded. “Me too. I don't know why, it's just kind of fascinating.” I nodded in agreement. We went back and forth for a little while longer. I was probably way more affected by the pot then Alex was. His phone went off and he read the text. “Hey, I gotta go. I'm going to a party. Do you want me to leave this with you?” he ask.

“Nah, I think I had enough. It's kind of making me tired.” he chuckled a little. It was kinda making my legs tingle a little bit too. He nodded and packed up his stuff, hiding it back in the drawer. He got up getting his jacket and looked at me for a second. 

“You might not want to leave the room for a little while. You look faded.” I didn't really know what he meant by ‘faded’, I guess stoned? “Open a window too, to let some fresh air in. If anyone asks where I am, I'm either sleeping or at Rian’s house.” I nodded. 

“Wait, you know Rian?” I asked him.

“Why, do you know him too?” I nodded back. “Well, then you know where I am.”He smiled and left the room. I turned around opening a couple of the windows breathing in the fresh air. I felt a little out of it, mainly just tired. After a couple minutes I heard Alex get in someone else's car and drive off. 

I went back to my half of the room and moved my book, setting them on my desk. I crawled in bed laying on my stomach and folding my arms under my pillow. I just kind of stared until I felt myself being pulled into sleep. 


I wasn't sure how long I was asleep, but It must have been a while because it was completely dark outside now. The loud ringing of my cellphone went off, making my head jolt up from the pillow. I squinted my eyes, hating the light that was still on. I blindly search for my phone on the my dresser. Once I found it, I opened it up not even bothering to look at the caller ID. “Hello?” I mumbled weakly into the phone, resting my head back on my arm. 

“Jack? It’s Rian.” the other person said. 

“Oh, hi.” I yawned while speaking. 

“Can you come get Alex? He kind of shitfaced and can't really stand, I don't trust anyone else here to take him home since everyone is drinking.” I nodded, not actually realizing he couldn't see me. 

“Uh, yeah. Sure.”

“Thanks.” he said and hung up. I sat up stretching my muscles and feeling different pops and crack coming from my bones. I got up and stumbled a bit, my legs didn't really get the memo about waking up. I went in the bathroom and splashed my face with some water to wake me up. I looked at the time noticing it was 12:37 am. At least the high wore off now. I got my shoes and jacket on and found Alex’s keys to his car. I didn't have my own, but I did have my license. I walked to their garage and almost has a heart attack. They had six cars parked in here. I finally located which one was Alex’s and got in. 

I already knew where Rian lived, so it didn't take me long to get there. And there wasn't really any traffic on the road at almost one am. I found the house, it was kind of hard to miss, all the lights were on and there were teenagers everywhere. It didn't look like anything crazy, but you could tell it was a party. I saw Rian walk out of the house with an extremely drunk Alex falling on his side, Rian must have seen me pull up.

I got out of the car and ran up to them, putting one of Alex’s other arms over my shoulder. “Thanks for coming to get him. I'm trying to get some of these people out of here.” he said as we walked Alex to the car. Alex was really giggly and out of it. It kind of surprised me how different he was when he was drunk. 

“Did he only drink or was he doing anything else?” I asked Rian when we got to the car. Alex was really, really out of it, so it made me curious if he did more than just drink. Rian shrugged. 

“I only saw him drink, a lot. I don't think he did anything else, he never does, but I don't know.” He pushed Alex on my so he could open the door. Alex finally made eye contact with me and laughed. I didn't think anything of it because he was drunker than hell.

“Jacky!” he shouted and laughed again. “When did you get here?” I could smell how strong the alcohol was on him. I didn't even bother answering him. Once Rian got the car door open, we let him lay down in the back seat. I closed the door and said goodbye to Rian.

By the time that we finally go home, Alex was passed out in the back of the car, it was actually really tempting to just leave him back there, but I didn't have the heart too. I walked around the car opening his door, I got inside and pulled him up so he woke up. He gave me a weird look and I didn't really know what it met, but he follower me out of the car and into the house. Our parents were finally home, so we have to be quiet. Alex was stumbling all over the place, but apologizing every time he made a wrong step. 

“You’re kind of cute y’know.” he said when we stopped at one point. 

“Alex, you’re drunk.” I told him and got him up the stairs. He laughed at himself and I just rolled my eyes. 

Almost as soon as he got in out room, Alex let go over me and ran to the bathroom attached to use and threw up. I walked in behind him, feeling a little sorry for him. Kept throwing up everything he had in him. I got on my knees next to him rubbing his back. After a few minutes, he sat back, I flushed the toilet and found some mouth wash for him. I gave him a small cup of it because vomit was not a great smell. He swished it around in his mouth before spitting it in the toilet. I got up again getting a little water from the faucet for him. 

“Are you okay?” I asked him. He nodded and look at me for the first time since we got in the room. He look exhausted. 

“Thanks.” he whispered and shut his eyes for second. When he opened them back up, he was giving me that weird look again. It wasn't a bad look, just weird, I guess. I could exactly explain what it was. Before I could help him up, Alex leaned forward pushing his lips against mine. I was shocked at what was happening, so I didn't kiss back, but I felt a weird feeling in the pit of my belly. He pulled back with a little shock on his face too. “sorry, I-I didn't-”

“Its okay. It’s not like were blood related or anything.” I mumbled. He looked at the ground and I got up. I took hold of his arm and pulled him off the floor. “Lets get you into bed,” I said and we walked into the room. I helped him strip into his boxers and lay down. I closed the window since it was getting kind of cold in here. I got him another glass of water sitting it on his dresser in case he need it. I went to turn and walked away when he grabbed my wrist pulling me back. He was sitting up looking at me. He pulled my closer kissing me again letting my stomach fill with little butterflies again. 

“Night.” he mumbled as he pulled back. He never made contact with me during both kisses. I didn't know if it was just because he was drunk, or he actually had feelings for me. I don't know why or how, we’re technically brothers now, but not blood related. I pushed the thought and butterflies to the back of my head and went back over to my side of the room and laid down. Hes going to have Hell in the morning. 

*sigh* nope.

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