Brotherly Love

Jack and Alex's parents get married making them step-brothers, but the two end up sharing a little bit more than just brotherly love. [Jalex.]


6. Chapter Six

For the most part, Alex and I kept ourselves a secret. If we weren't step-brothers, than nothing would be wrong. Its not like we were blood related and practiced incest. We were just too normal guys that like each other, whose parents just so happened to be getting married. But its still would probably weird people out. Everyone I knew was fine with me being gay, but the step brother thing could throw some people off. That's why we didn't tell anyone. We didn't want that attention, so we just played it normal at school and around our parents. He acted like the slightly older, rude asshole that he was when I first met him, but it was all just for show. I on the other hand, just stayed quiet most of the time.

I was currently over on Alex bed watching him smoke some more. He didn't do it a lot, but maybe once a week or even less often than that. Alex was just smoking and I was just watching him. I still found the smoke insanely fascinating. “Want some?” he asked me after taking and other hit from his bowl. 

“No, I'm good.” I told him. I was really exhausted after the last time, I didn't want that again. 

“You sure? I have about one more hit on this one left?” I didn't really give an answer, even though I didn't want the same exhaustion from last time, I still wanted too. That was the confusing this about being a teenager. I never really knew what I wanted. 

Alex lit the bowl and breathed in. He held it for a second and used his finger to tell me to lean in. I Lent in, not really knowing what he wanted. He pulled my neck so that my face was close to his. Alex pushed our lips together and separated them making mine separate too. He slowly let the smoke out and fill my mouth. I breathed in a little getting more of it. He pulled back breathing the rest out, than I let mine out too. He sat his paraphernalia down and looked at me smiling. He lent in again, this time kissing me normally. I kissed back. We never really got a chance to be alone, even though we shared a room. He pulled me closer by my waist, so I was practically in his la making out with him. He pushed me back against the bed, still kissing me, and I wrapped my legs around him. 

After a few minutes, Alex pulled back looking down at me. His eyes were clouded a little with lust and looked like he wanted to say something, but before either of us could talk, there was a loud knock on our bedroom door. Panic shot through both of our eyes and he pushed off of me, scooting to the other side of his bed and leaning against the wall. I quickly did the same, but stayed on his bed. The door opened revealing his dad. 

“Hey, boys.” he said casually and walked in more. 

“Hey,” both Alex and I said to him.

“How is everything?” he asked us. The two of use just shrugged and looked at each others awkwardly. Alex still looked a little glossy, and a little lust still ran though his eyes. I guess he was just a horny person high. “Well, what I came in here to ask was, Your mother and I are going out to eat and we want you to come with us.” Alex dad told both of us.

“Sure, I could use food.” Alex replied eagerly. 

“I’ll come too.” I said right after him. 

“Great, we are leaving in ten minutes. Be ready or we leave without you.” Alex dad said, chuckling a little and left the room. Both Alex and I let out a breath and looked at each other with a stupid smile plastered on our faces. He crawled over to me kissing my quickly and getting up. He helped me off the bed and kissed me against pushed me so I almost fell right back down. 

“Damn, you’re horny when you’re high.” he just smiled and kissed my neck. “Dinner remember?” I reminded him. He looked up smiling. 

“Yeah, I'm starving. Some people say that being hungry when high is the downside. I think not, I love food.” I laughed at him and pushed him off me. 

“Lets just go before you eat my face or neck off.” we grabbed our jackets and left.


It was only a twenty minute ride, but It felt like hours because I had Alex practically sitting on me and sucking on my neck. This kid was a lot to handle. He had the maturity of a six year old. If the car didn't have two halfs, were would have been outed for sure. It was set up a lot like a limo where there was a divider between the drivers half and the back. but this wasn't a limo, a smaller version. really fancy. I've only officially been with Alex for about four weeks and he already knew how to make my knees week.

“Where here!” Ales dad shouted to us from the front. I pushed Alex off of me and told him to get out. He pouted, but did what I said. How is he even still high? Maybe he was still just horny. We got out and walked in taking a seat near the back. I always felt weird sitting in the middle or near the front. I just didn't like people watching me eat, it made me feel really uncomfortable. We all ordered our food and just sat there talking about the wedding. You could tell that Alex was a little out of it, but now he just looked really tired, so that's all our parent probably thought that it was. 

Over the course of our dinner, Alex kept giving me lustful looks and stroking my thigh. It really wasn't helping me at all. It was making me feel really turned on. What is with him? 

“I need to used the bathroom.” I said and got up. I walked to the bathroom making sure that no one was in there and leaned against the sink trying to calm myself down. I waited until my face was closer to its regular color and not red and the slight pole in my pants was soft again. I was about to leave when I heard the door open and Alex walked in. I wasn't gone that long, so there is no way they sent him in here. “I was just leaving.” I told Alex and tried walking past him.

Alex stopped me and pushed me against the wall. He started to kiss me lustfully. I kissed him back, sliding my arms around his neck to keep him close. He pulled me from the wall and walked me backwards to the largest and farthest stall in the bathroom. “A-Alex,” I tried speaking. He started to kiss my neck and nibble on the soft skin. “shit…” I breathed out. He really knew how to turn someone on over and over. His fingers started to play with the button on my pants and pull down the zipper. I stopped him, holding on to his wrist. He looked up at me a little confused and breathing heavy. 

“Alex, our parents are out there. We could get caught. You know just as well as I do, this won't end well.” I told him. He stepped back a little. 

“Sorry, I'm just really fucking horny.” I nodded. Anyone could see that. “and looking at you doesn't help.” he told me and I looked at him again. 

“What do you mean?” This was the closest we’ve gotten to any kind of sexual contact.

“You’re just… really attractive…” he said looking at me up and down. I blushed a little and hid my face some from him so he wasn't able to see it. That didn't last long though because he lifted my face up by my chin and kissed me. “Truth is, I haven't had sex in like two months, and our make out sessions get really hot sometimes…” he said trailing off, running his hand down my shirt. 

“I just don't want to get caught.” I told him. 

“We won't.” he said kissing me. “Promise.” he said before plunging his hand into my jeans. Its been a really long time since I’ve done anything sexual, so I really wasn't sure what to do with my hands so I just rested them on his hips. One of his arms were against the wall and the other running along my rapidly growing dick. It all felt really weird, given the situation, but at the same time, oh so fucking fantastic. He pushed my pants down a little more, so it was easier to stroke me. My body shuddered against his as he ran his thumb along the tip. I pushed him off of me and made sure the stall door was locked, not that you couldn't tell what we were doing anyway.

I went back to kissing him briefly and slid down his body. I got to the floor sitting on my knees right in front of his dick. I could see how hard he was without even taking off his pants. I undid the button and zipper pulling his pants down to his mid thigh. I pulled his underwear down next, letting his dick fall from his clothing. I just looked at it for a second before taking hold of him and lightly stroking him. He groaned and involuntarily bucked his hips forward. I took a deep breath and sucked him into my mouth, he was already mostly hard, so it wasn't difficult to suck him. 

I sucked and stroked him at the same time, making sure I was covering every inch of him. He was a lot bigger than I thought he was going to be, but I didn't really mind, It only excited me more. I pulled back on him, only sucking on the tip. His moans and pants above me were probably one of the hottest things I’ve ever heard. I reached down, stroking myself, moaning around his dick. “Fuck,” he whimpered above me. “I'm close.” he said, tangling his fingers in my hair forcing more of him in my mouth. I looked up at him through my lashes. One of his hands were covering his mouth trying to stay quiet. I sucked him harder and faster until I felt his body jerk forward and a warm liquid spill into my mouth. 

I swallowed him like a good boy and pulled off, but continuing to stroke him. He remove his hand from his mouth and looked at me dreamily, running his fingers through my hair. He motioned for me to get up and I did. He pushed me back against the other wall, kissing me and instantly grabbing hold of my hard on. He stroked me fast, attacking my neck. I was panting and groaning, still trying to stay quiet. I bit into his shoulder as the feeling in my abdomen got hotter and hotter with every touch.

“Come,” Alex said squeezing harder. “Come for me Jack, please” he whispered and kissed my lips. I moan one loud moan before the feeling of ecstasy finally washed over me. Alex stroked me until I was done coming. He rested his forehead on mine looking at me. I kissed him, holding the back of his neck. I had so much admiration for him right now. When we finally pulled back, we zipped and buttoned our pants back up after cleaning ourselves off. 

“Fuck,” I sighed and he nodded. “We should go out there before they get suspicious.” he nodded again. I opened the stall door and looked around just in case, we never heard the other door, but it didn't hurt to check. We both left the bathroom and walked back to the table. “Nothing happened.” I told him before we sat down. 

“What took so long boys? Where there TV’s in there?” My mom asked laughing a little. Both Alex and I laughed a little awkwardly too. 

“Umm, no.” Alex said and looked at me. “He was feeling sick. I stayed to make sure he was okay.” I nodded going along with the story. 

“Oh, well I hope that you are okay now Jack.” Alex dad said. “We are checking into a hotel tomorrow up north for the wedding.” he told us. “You guys will make great brothers.” he finished talking. That's when it hit me again, I basically just blew my, step, brother. 

Sooo, kind of a time lapse again. Hopefully you can keep up and this story moves fast so yeah. Its only a few chapters long. My editing on this chapter suck, so Im sorry for any mistakes.​

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