Brotherly Love

Jack and Alex's parents get married making them step-brothers, but the two end up sharing a little bit more than just brotherly love. [Jalex.]


7. Chapter Seven

I laid in my hotel bed, almost mindlessly staring at the wall. I could stop thinking about what Alex and I did in the bathroom yesterday. Usually at least one of the boyfriends would be ecstatic that they got a blow job or a hand job, but when your boyfriend is going to be your step brother, it can kind of make things a little awkward. Alex seemed fine with it, he was sometimes way too easy going. I was a little freaked. If our parents weren't getting married, I wouldn't have minded at all. I sighed sitting up on the bed and fixing the back of my hair. We’ve been at the hotel for only a few hours and our parents already ran off somewhere and said that they would be back tomorrow morning. And they trusted us here alone? The wedding was only in a couple days, I don't know how they had time to do all this stuff. I guess since Alex’s dad is rich, they can pretty much get someone else to do it for them.


I was snapped out of my thoughts when Alex walked in the room. He looked over at me and smiled. “Hey,” he said and sat down next to me. I mumbled a ‘hey’ back and smiled too. “What's wrong?” he asked me and drew his eyebrows together a bit.


“Nothing,” I said, shrugging. Alex gave me a disbelieving look.


“Really, Jack. What's going on? You look down.” he pressed on.


“I'm just thinking that's all. Its really nothing important, yet.” I told him and laid back down again. He sighed and threw one of his legs over my waist so that he was straddling me. “Alex,” i groaned, but didn't try and push him off.


“Jack,” he mocked and bent down to kiss my neck. He made his way to my lips and kissed them softly. Alex stopped kissing me when I didn't kiss him back. “Tell me what's going on.” he demanded this time.


“I'm just thinking.” I told him again.




“This. Us. Our parents. You can't tell me that this isn’t at least a little fucked up?” he nodded and scooted back and got off me. I sat up next to him again. “What's going to happened when in only a couple days our parents are married? This is all just some game right now. We keep everything hidden and just make out behind closed doors, Thats not a relationship.” I looked at Alex’s face and felt my heart clench a little. He was staring at the floor with glossy eyes, it looked like he was on the verge of tears.


“I don't know Jack.: he sighed. “I really like you. A lot. I've thought about this just as much as you.”


“What are we going to do about it then?” I asked him. He finally looked up and me and shook his head.


“I don't know.” he whispered. “We can't keep us a secret forever, but…” he paused sighing and looking at his hands in his lap. “We can't tell people about it either.” I got closer to him. I kissed his neck sweetly before resting my head on his shoulder. “This is fucked up.” he sighed and shook his head.


“Yeah,” I said agreeing with him. “I never thought that I would fall for my step brother.”


“Me either.” Alex said. I lifted my head up to look at his face again. He was so gorgeous, it almost hurt. Why couldn't I have just met him at a concert or some stupid school football game. It would make things a whole lot easier. he moved his head closer so to kiss my lips. I brought my hands up to his cheeks and cupped them while we kept moving out lips in sync with each other.


Alex pushed me back so I laid down and he got between my legs. “I don't want to give this up.” he mumbled against my lips. He pulled up looking at me. “You’re the first person in so long that I actually feel happy around. So many people come and go from my life, I always feel alone. With you, I actually feel better, like I have someone. Even it that means staying with my step brother, fooling around behind my parents back, then I’ll do it, because I don't want to give up the thing that makes me happy.” Alex told me and sighed looking down, but not exactly at me.


I couldn't help, but smile like an idiot. So I just kept smiling. I pulled Alex back down and kissed him. “I don't want to lose you either.” I mumbled against his lips and kept kissing him. His hand ran up and down my side and chest, as I pulled him closer, not letting him go. How can I like someone so much, that a virtually knew nothing about. We’ve been living together yeah, but this is weird. Maybe I was just being a stupid emotional and hormonal teenager, or maybe I really did like him, I have no clue, but for now, I didn't want to worry about it at all.




It was only nine pm and Alex and I were watching some TV show. I wasn't sure what it was, nor did I really care about it. We were both laying on not so comfortable the hotel bed. He was leaning up against the headboard and I was laying farther down with my head on his thigh. It was boring as hell here. Some of our families were arriving, so we didn't want to go out and actually see any of them. So for the most part, we just stayed in our room.


“Hey,” Alex said and shoot my shoulder. I made and ‘hmm’ noise and he continued talking. “Wanna go down to the pool?” I sat up giving him a weird look.


“Is it even open this late?” I asked and looked at the clock.


“Yeah, its open until one am or something like that. I bet there is no one down there so we get it to ourselves.” he said. I shrugged and he got up. “come on then.” he told me and I got up. We walked down to the pool and opened the door, checking to see if anyone was inside. It was completely empty. We walked in and Alex took his shirt off and his pants, just staying in his boxers. I watched as he walked over to the side of the pool, sitting down and putting his feet in. Wow, his body could always make something so simple, really hot.


I followed what he did and sat next to him on the side of the pool. “Smells like chlorine in here.” he said and I laughed at him.


“Well it is a pool.” I mocked him and pushed his shoulder.


“Haha, smartass.” he chuckled at me and pushed my arm back. We started to quiet down and I just watched the still water.  “Lets go in.” Alex said next to me and got up.


“What?” I asked, turning around to look at him


“Lets go in. I like swimming.” he said and got a little closer to the edge.


“You can, but I'm not going in.” Alex rolled his eyes at me and jumped in the water, splashing me. I wiped off my face and looked in the water as he came back up.


“Oh come on, its fun.” he laughed and splashed me again.I just shook my head no.He rolled his eyes and swam around and little. Honestly, if we didn't get out of here soon, I might just have him fuck me right here. I stopped looking at him and started to pay attention to my feet, kicking i the water. Before I knew what happened, Alex showed up and pulled me in the water by my leg. I swam to the surface as fast as I could, breathing heavily.


“What the hell!” I yelled and held on to the edge of the pool.


“Its just water, Jack. Calm down.” He tried telling me.


“I told you I didn't want to swim.” I said and gripped the side of the pool harder, until my knuckles were almost white. He swam over to me and put his hand on my back. My body was practically shaking in the cold water.


“Do you not know how to swim?” he asked me. I nodded and looked away from him. Its kind of embarrassing that a sixteen year old boy down know how to swim. He slide both arms around my waist to help keep me up.


“Shit, Jack. I'm sorry.” he told me and kissed my cheek. I was too freaked out from the water and look at him. I just nodded again. It wasn't his fault, I knew he was just kidding. “Put your hand on my shoulder.” I shook my head quickly.


“No.” I said in a panic.


“It’s okay, I got you.” He kissed my cheek again and took one of my arms, putting it on his shoulder. “Just keep kicking your legs and hold on to me, you'll be okay, I promise.” I turned around. Keeping my hand gripped tightly on his shoulders. He kept his hands on my waist and pushed me so my back was against the wall.


“See, its not that scary.” He told me. I looked in his brown eyes and nodded. My breathing calmed down and stopped shaking, but I was still scared that I was going to drown if his let go of me. He got closer, pushing his chest to mine and kissing me. “Sorry, for pulling you in.” he said and kissed me again.


“Its okay. You didn't know.” I said quietly and kissed his soft lips back. He slid his arms down on me to lift up my thighs. He rested them on his hips. Alex kept kissing me sweetly, and keeping me against the tiled wall. We might have gone farther if the sound of a squeaking door didn't interrupt us. We tore apart quickly and Alex back away from me, but still held one hand to help keep me up.


“Oh, I'm sorry.” an other man’s voice said. I recognized it as my extremely homophobic uncle. “I was just coming in for a quick swim.” he said putting his towel on one of the seats.


“Its okay, we were just getting out.” Alex said before I could say anything. He started to swim still holding my hand until we were in the shallow end. He helped me out and walked over to our clothes.


“Still can't swim Jacky?” my uncle said and laughed. I don't know why he was even invited to this wedding. No one actually liked him, hes ad insensitive prick. I rolled my eyes, drying off with one of the guest towels. I never really trusted those, but its all we had.  


“I’ll see you around Uncle Ben.” I told hims and dragged Alex out the door holding our dry clothes.


“What was all that about?” he asked me when we got in the elevator.


“Thats my Uncle Ben. Hes a major homophobic dick.” he made and ‘o’ shape with his mouth. “He would kill me if he saw me kissing another boy, let alone my soon to be step brother. I sighed leaning against the wall.


“Well how about I make things better when we get to the room?” he said seductively. He smirked and got closer to me, kissing me. I laughed and shook my head at the horny teenager, pushing him away when the door dinged and opened. This wasn't going to be a fun wedding, but at least Alex is trying to make the best of it.



It sucks, I know. Sorry.

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