Brotherly Love

Jack and Alex's parents get married making them step-brothers, but the two end up sharing a little bit more than just brotherly love. [Jalex.]


5. Chapter Five

After Alex’s and I’s strange make out session a couple weeks ago, it’s been a little tense and awkward in our room. We didn't really talk, Alex went on being his normal self and acted like it never happened. That was the original plan that I wanted to stick with too, but it didn't really work out that way. I caught myself on more than one occasion thinking about the kiss. He was such a good kisser, my mind kept drifting off into what other things he good at with his mouth. Then I would mentally slap myself about having those thoughts about someone who is going to be my step-brother soon, but I couldn't help myself.

I was on my bed as always just listening to music and playing around with the cords on my guitar. Alex got out of the shower a few minutes ago and it was hard not to stare. He finally got dressed and laid down on his bed, just staring at the ceiling. I couldn't tell you the kinds of dirty thoughts that I was beginning to have about him.

“How long have you been playing?” Alex said, snapping me out of my thoughts. 

“What?” I asked, looking over at Alex who was now sitting up and looking over at me. 

“How long have you been playing guitar?” he asked again. 

“Oh, um, about five years I think.” he smiled and got up. He went over to his closet and pulled out his own guitar. It didn't know that he could play. “You play too?” I asked him. He shrugged and came over to my bed setting down in front of me. 

“I got lessons when I was younger. I just kind of learn by watching videos online now.” he said and started playing a song I recognized a little too well.

“Girl at the Rock Show?” I asked laughing, he smiled and nodded. He kept playing, he was a lot better than me. “Did you ever take lessons or anything thing?” I shook my head. 

“No, we never had the money and my dad wouldn't have let me.” he gave me a questioning look. “He hated this ‘creative’ stuff.” I told him.

“Where’s your dad anyway? I know I’ve asked you about him before, but you didn't really say much.” I looked at him and sighed.

“We had a lot of family problems.” I said and shrugged a little because I told him about that. “Sometimes he would leave for days and not tell us, he kind of just left one day and so my mom decided to leave too and took me with her. He was our only source of income for a long time. Then my mom met your dad.” I explained to him. 

“Do you have any contact with your dad at all since they split?” I shook my head. “Do you want too?” I shook my head again. He gave me another, I swallowed hard before I started to talk again.

“He wasn't really a good father. He paid rent, but that was about it. I'm happy he’s gone. My mom deserves better than him. He was abusive.” I said and stopped. I bit the inside of my lip, looking at Alex. He gave me the same sympathetic look he gave me the first time. “He hurt my mom and I so many times… I'm just happy I won't see him ever again.”

“I'm so sorry.” he said and sat his guitar aside, giving me a hug. I smiled and hugged him back best I could with my guitar in my lap still. 

“So what about your mom? Where is she?” I asked. I saw the sadness wash over his face. 

“She passed away a while back. Accident. Ever since then, my dad has been looking for the, other, right girl to share his life with. It hasn't worked out too well though.” I nodded. 

“Maybe my mom is the right one.” he nodded and mutters a ‘maybe’. We were silent again and were just looking at each other. My eyes flicked to his lips a couple times. I just really wanted to kiss him again, I knew it was wrong, he was my step-brother, but at the same time, I didn't care. Its not like we were blood related or anything. I tried to distract myself by putting my guitar on the bed, but the second I turned back around to face Alex, his lips were pressed against mine. I was shocked a little at first, so I didn't kiss back. He pulled away and just looked at me.

“Sorry.” he mumbled in a quiet voice. 

“Do it again.” I told him quickly. He gave me a weird look. 


“Kiss me. I want you to do it again.” I explained farther. He looked hesitant, so I leaned myself forward and kissed him myself. Everything was quickly changed into a different mood. We kept kissing and thing time I didn't care about anything else. He slid his tongue in my mouth and I let him explore the side of my mouth. He his roamed up and down my sides. He stopped kissing my after a few seconds. He just looked at me again and took a deep breath. 

“I like you.” he said randomly and and my eyes went wide. Kissing was one thing, but this was another. I had my thoughts about him too, but he actually said it, making this whole thing that much more real. “fuck,” he groaned when realization flashed through his eyes. He stood up running his fingers through his hair. “I'm so stupid. You’re going to be my brother and I can't have a relationship with my brother… shit.” he kept muttering to himself. I just stayed sitting, I wasn't sure what to do now. It was silent for a little bit, then I thought of something.

“We can keep it a secret.” I said and looked up at him. He turned around looking down a little. “I like you, too, honestly. I'm kicking myself over it because I’ve never just liked someone so fast before, but… We’re not even blood related. Maybe, we can do this and keep it a secret. You and I.” he nodded and sat down. “We don’t have to be a thing, but… I don't know” I trailed off once I realized that none of this was actually making any sense.

“How would this whole thing even work? We just hid out in our room and make out the whole time?” I just shrugged my shoulders. Part of me didn't think that was a bad idea at all. Before we were able to talk anymore, we heard a knock on our door. Alex quickly jumped up and backed a few feet away. My mom came in smiling at us. 

“Hi, boys.” my mom said to us. We both said hi to her and she came over sitting on my bed. “Being nice to each other?” he jokingly asked. Oh, if she only knew. Alex and I just nodded. “Well, I have a favor to ask of you two.” Alex and I gave each other a look then looked back at my mom. “I really want you both to be the ring bearer at the wedding.”

“I’d love to mom.” I said sweetly and hugged her. I was really happy that she was happy now.

“So, what about you Alex?” she looked him with a nice look. “It would me a lot to me and your father if you would be our ring bearer with Jack.” He looked at me and them back at my mom and nodded.

“Sure.” He mumbled and smiled. My mom got a large grin on her face and stood up hugging Alex.

“Thank you, boys.” My mom said and gave each of us another hug. She soon left the room, leaving me and Alex standing there kind of awkward. 

“So,” he said.

“Soo…” I replied back. “This is real then.” I told him. Alex nodded.

“Of course the one guys I actually find interest in is going to be my step-brother.” he groaned to himself and ran his fingers through his hair again.”That was really nice of your mom.” he told me and turned around again.

“What do you mean?” I asked him. 

“Out of the wives that my dad has had, I think yours is the nicest.” he paused. “The rest of them probably didn't even want me in the wedding at all. Half the time they would just ignore me or try and push me around. They never could though, the second my dad found out about them and the fact they only wanted money, my dad kicked them out and got a divorce.” Alex explained to me. He sat back on my bed. “Your mom isn't like that, she actually seems like she wasn't me there.” I nodded.

“She’s a nice person.” I told him. I could feel his fingers slowly playing with mine on the bed. It made little butterflies go off in my stomach. This whole idea was just one big fucked up mess. “She cares about you Alex, soon I knew, but we were just making out.” I laughed and he laughed too.

“Yeah, I'm still sorry for kissing you.” he told me again.

“No don't be. Its our dirty little secret.” he laughed at the stupid pun.

“If I hadn’t have kissed you in the first place, we wouldn't be in this mess. I just had to let my emotions get the best of me and only after a week, the first time.”

“You are kind of a whore.” I joked. His jaw dropped and he punched my arm jokingly. I really liked his smile. I thought about that a lot too, it was cute. He sighed and looked at me. I bet he was probably thinking the same things I was. Just two, hormonal, teenage boys. If this whole thing didn't end in disaster, that would be the first in my life.

So, A) I hate this chapter. B) It makes no sense, so I'm really sorry. I’ve been so off lately, I don't even know what I'm doing now because I went off my outline a little.​

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