Brotherly Love

Jack and Alex's parents get married making them step-brothers, but the two end up sharing a little bit more than just brotherly love. [Jalex.]


8. Chapter Eight

It was the next morning after the pool incident. I was laying on my back with Alex on top of me, between my legs. My legs were wrapped loosely around his hips, my hands resting underneath the back of his shirt. Alex tangled his fingers in my hair. It was a slow make out. Just me and him resting against each other, you lips passionately kissing.


“Do you think that your uncle is going to tell anyone?” I asked Alex and pulled our lips away from his.


“What do you mean?” he asked back.


“About the pool thing yesterday.” I clarified. “Do you think he saw anything? Is he going to tell someone?” It was honestly making me worried. There would be no problem if Alex and I were just two random guys.


Alex sighed and sat up. “I don't know. I'm really hoping not. He’s a dick, but would he really ruin a wedding over this” I sighed too and sat up leaning against the hotel headboard.


“I'm just worried.” I said, giving Alex a slightly sad look. He smiled and little and crawled up to me on all fours and giving me a quick kiss. We stayed like that for a few minutes, before Alex sat back on his knees and feet. It looked like something was on his mind. “What's up?” he looked up at me and sighed.


“I was just thinking about something.” he answered bluntly.  


“What are you thinking about?” I questioned him. He sighed once again and repositioned himself so that he was sitting next me.


“Just that, I graduate early this year and then I'm leaving for college in California.” oh, yeah. I literally forgot that Alex was older than me, but only by a few months, but that also put him in a grade higher.


“What are you going all the way to California for?”


“They have a really good music theory program over there. I want to learn more about music and start really working on things. I’ve already been accepted.” he told me. That was something I wanted to do too, but maybe not all the way out in California.


“Thats cool.” I told him. He was playing with his hands in his lap. “What about us? You graduate in a few months.”


“I don't know.” he mumbled to me and looked up. “I really, really like you and I want to be with you, but long distance is hard, especially when our whole relationship is a secret.” I kind of made me sad about that.


“Well,” I started. “Let just not think about that right now. We have to meet my mom downstairs and help set up for the wedding.” I said kissing his cheek.


“Shit, the wedding is today.” I just chuckled at him. “Why are you laughing at me?” he smirked back.


“Its funny,” he just shook his head. “Come on.” I said standing up and hold my hand out for him.


“But I don't wanna.” he said giving me a fake pouty look.


“Oh, come on, you big baby. Its just a wedding.” he rolled his eyes getting off the side of the bed, completely ignoring my hand. He turned around and winked and walked over to the door.


“Coming?” he questioned and walked out. Yes, hes a smart ass.


Alex and I walked downstairs to the wedding room place, fuck if I knew what it was actually called. Alex’s dad was standing at the altar telling people what to do and where certain things went. Alex said hi to his dad before we left, going into one of the rooms that my mom was at. We walked in and she smiled at us.


“Hey boys,” she said. I walked over to her giving her a hug.


“Hey mom. You look really pretty.”


“Thank you.” she breathed out. I could see the nerves written all over her face. Hell, I would be nervous too. She was already in her dress and had her hair and makeup done.


“Do you need us to do anything?” I asked her. I could see Alex from the corner of my eye picking up makeup supplies and putting it back down because he didn't know what anything was. I just lightly roll my eyes, internally laughing at him.


“No, I'm good. Thank you though. Why don't you too just go get ready with Alex,” I saw him turn around with a dumb look on his face, he clearly wasn't listening to what she was saying. I laughed again and and went back to pay attention to my mom. “I’ll see you boys in a bit. Wish me well.” We both nodded and left.




Alex and I got ready, dressing in our suits and helping with last minute touches all around. The music was currently play, the guest all seated and Alex and I standing at the front with Alex’s dad, my new step dad. It gave me that weird feeling in my gut again. Something about today, didn't feel right. I kept eyeing been in the crowed of seated people. I was not a fan of that guy, I just really wished that he would leave and not come around anymore.


My mom started to walked down the aisle and I forgot about him. I watched the little flower girl in front, one of Alex cousins, and my mom follow behind. She looked absolutely gorgeous. The dress was simple, but really elegant. It had a long train running behind it with another younger girl following behind. I watch the audience ‘aw,’ and ‘oh; at the sight of her. She finally made it to the font and the music stopped.


My mom and stepdad went one saying their vows. It was official now, Alex was my step brother, I have a new step dad, and I lived in this huge house. Its all seemed perfect from the outside. When the initial wedding was over, we were all in the dining room of the hotel, eating and dancing. Everyone was much more relaxed then they were prior. Everyone made speeches to my mom and Alex’s dad. Next, was Alex uncle.


“This is a beautiful wedding isn’t it?” he got up saying. Everyone nodded in agreement and light clap's were heard around the room. “I just want to say how lucky this man is to marry such a beautiful young lady.” everyone clapped again, my mom blushed. “I really suck a speeches, so I made this video for everyone to enjoy. Congrats to the bride and groom.” he finally said, more clapping and the lights dimmed. Alex and I were sitting next to each other. The light went off and he put his hand under the table and rested it on my thigh.


A video started playing, everyone in the room fixated on it. It was someone holding a shaky camera outside of a room. The door opened showing a pool that looked oddly like the the one in the hotel, the camera person turned showing, non other than Alex and I in the pool. I felt Alex grip on my thigh loosen and he moved his hind so it was back on the table. I looked back at the screen, everyone around the room was chattering and looking around trying to find us. The screen showed perfect view of Alex kissing me and my arms wrapped around his neck.


“Thats enough.” Alex dad got up and yelled across the room.


“But don't you want to see what your son and now stepson have been up too?” The stupid little fucker said.


“NO!” he boomed across the room. “Now turn it off.” The video cut out and the lights turned back on. I looked at Alex, his bottom lip quivering and his face red and eyes red. Alex got up and quickly ran out of the room. I looked at my mom and she just gave me a disappointed sigh.


“I'm sorry,” I said, to my mom, Alex’s dad, and anyone else that even cared to listen. I got up running after Alex down the hallway of the hotel. I followed him into the bathroom. He was leaning over the sink crying. I went up behind him and touched his shoulder. He turned, swatting my hand away.


“Fuck!” he screamed. “What are we going to do?” he asked desperately I wanted to say something, but it was like it didn't sink into my head at all. I just walked up to his and put my arms around his neck, hugging him. He hugged me back. I was holding everything in, but I knew it was going to just spill over, so I let it. Crying with him.


Both of us were scared. We had no clue what was going to happen.



Short. Boring. I know, I know. This story isn’t very long, just remember that. Like, 3 more chapters maybe, I think.

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