The devil in man's clothing

entry for devil by the blue sea.


2. Trapped In Hell Fires.

When I woke up, I was in a bed, covered in rose petals and beside me, was a tray with turkih deight and a smiley face mad with 2 eggs, 3 sausages and a tomato. "Uh where am I? Why am I weaing this nightdress?" I asked mysef, examining the room. The bed was covered by taunting fires that surrounded my dress and shoes. "You're awake now. Good. Do you remember anything we did last night?" he asked me. Gale was dressed in a suit and tie but his skin was not dark but even as red as blood. His lips were so familiar. "No. Where am I Gale? Tell me also why I'm in this thing and Why my dress and shoe are over there?!" I said angrily pointing towards the pie of clothes and accessories. "Well, you were so drunk you made a deal with me that you would only comunicate to the outide world once every week and we get to do whatever." he aid ginning and tying to grab me. I slapped his hand. "How dare you!" I said as I tried to crawl out of the bed. However, the man grabbed me by the foot and lyed me by the bed. He was slowly crawling cloe and close to my private parts. I was glued to the bed like a dog held by a leash and the nightmae began a he whispered in my ear, "Everythings aright a long a you like it."

After 4 hour of pounding and sweating he stopped and rolled onto his back, panting and breathing heavily, "Did you enjoy that?" he asked me as he slipped on his cothes. From then on I knew I was never safe from the hound and hell fires that he was consumed in. I now always wish that he would soon never be, but in my case this would be never.



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