The devil in man's clothing

entry for devil by the blue sea.


1. The Sudden Change In Tides.

My grandmother always told me never to make a deal with the devil. But she never told me where and who he was. All she ever said was watch out for him. I was scared. Frightened. Terrified! Then, when I started school, I regained my corage and began to mingle. Then I saw him. Gale Hawkings. He was dark like chocolate and as hot as fire. I was realled into his eyes. He was realled into mine. We both oved each other but never confessed our love.

We used to cheer for each others events. Go to parties with eah other. Even hang out with each other. Then, I got a not from him. It said to meet him at the  boader line at the Deep Blue Sea. That night I was ready in a illuminous pink dress with a pai of heels that made me look stupid. But by then, I didn't care much.

When I got there, he stood there throwing stone across the sea, making enchanting rippes that were so magic. "Hi. So did you get my note?" Gale asked me. "Yes." I answered. I was so nervous. "I need to tel you something. It's about my life. " Gale explained. Then I noticed. His eyes were firery ed. His hair was bright orange and he began to change. " What's happened to your hair and your eyes? There're different!" Then He began hypnotysing me, Telling me to foget about them and just go with him to hell. "No. I'm not going to. I should have known!" I shouted whilst I ran away. Gale stood infront of me, staring at me ike I was a meal. "Yes you are." he said then I wa wisked away into compete darkness. I was now completely trapped in a world of missery.

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