It's you

Hey, I'm Kirsty I am 16 years old. I love One Direction. My fave band member is... Niall Horan. He's Irish and he is only 16 He has blond hair and he loves food just like me! We are perfect for each other!

Will it be love at first sight, and will her dream come true. Read to find out.


4. The Date.

Kirsty's POV

I jumped out the shower and went to check my phone, it was Niall he wants to pick me up at 5:00pm instead. I wounder why. Anyway I picked out my red dress, and put it on. Then I walked over to my mirror, put on my make up and curled my hair. It's 4:30. Niall will be here in half an hour. I quickly ran down stairs to see my mum in the kitchen.

"Why are you so dressed up?" My mum asked, why would she want to know she never asks me anything.

"I'm going on a date."

"Ooo who with?"

"Niall Horan. Why do you want to know?" I asked.

"No reason and is that the guy from One Direction?"

"Yes mum he will be here any minuet now."

"Ok I'm going out so I might not be in when you get back so take your keys. Bye!"

"I will and bye." Wow she can be so annoying sometimes.

BEEP BEEP! Nialls here . I walk to the door checking have everything and then I walked over to that car. And I chose to sit next to Niall in the front seat.

"Hey babe." Niall said wow he called be babe.

"Hey, Nandos is just round the corner from here." I said.

"Well, let's go." The car ride there was just so quite.


We got to Nando's and we walked in to see a table with a rose in the middle. I never new Nando's could be this romantic. We walked over to the desk, and Niall said, "Horan!"

"Right this way." We walked over to the table with the rose in the middle.

Niall pulled the chair out of the table for me. Then he sat down. It was silent whilst we we looked at the menu. Then Niall said, "I'm having the steak and chips, what do you want?"

"I'll have the same please with coke please."

"Wow most girls have a salad or somthing. Healthy."

"Well I'm different."

"That's what I like about you, shall I go order."

"Ok." Niall stood up and walked over to the counter. When he got back he kissed me on the cheek.

"So I was wandering, if you would, well be my girlfriend?" Wow this is really weird.

"Ok-" and then the waiter came with our food, which stopped me from finishing my sentence.

*** skip dinner ***

"Well I loved dinner babe, did you?" Niall said.

"Yea. Do you know what time it is?"

"Yea it's 9:00pm. Why?"

"Oh nothing I was wandering shall we go home."

"Ok In the morning I will pick you up for school at 8:00am."

"Ok!" We walked over to the car and both jumped in and Niall dropped me off home. The car ride was silent again.

*** skip car ride ***

"We'll see you babe." Niall said whilst I was getting out the car.

"Bye." I waved goodbye as he drove off. I walked over to the door to see it was open but no mum. She had forgot to lock the door again. I pulled my phone out and messages her 'You left the door open again!' I walked in locked the door behind me and put my pjs on and got straight in bed and fell straight asleep.

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