It's you

Hey, I'm Kirsty I am 16 years old. I love One Direction. My fave band member is... Niall Horan. He's Irish and he is only 16 He has blond hair and he loves food just like me! We are perfect for each other!

Will it be love at first sight, and will her dream come true. Read to find out.


9. proposing

Niall's POV

"Babe I'm nipping out. Ok!"

"Yea it's fine just don't be too long!" She shouted back.

I walked out the door and I pulled my phone out of my pocket. I rang Zayn,

"Hello, Niall, Vas' Happnin'?" Zayn said through the phone.

"Hello, are you with all of the boys?" I asked I need to tell ten now!

"Yea shall I put it on speaker?"

"Yea it will be a lot easier."

"Hello." All of them said together.

"Hey I'm going to Propose to Kirsty and I need to pick a ring out for her!"

"OMG Niall I'm gettin' in the car now," Harry said. "C'mon boys lets go cya Niall!"

"Cya." I ended the call why is this such a big deal to Harry. He sounds really excited.


The boys walked through the ring shop door.

"Hey, Harry is still stood outside looking at rings for you to give to Kirsty." Liam said.

"Ok but guys I need your help to set the house up please?" I really did need their help. "Hey and can you all one of Kirsty's friends and tell them to come and pick Kirsty up from the house?"

"Ok." Zayn said whilst walking outside.

I had chosen a ring and bought it and when I got out side, Zayn said, "They are on their way to pick up Kirsty to take her to the mall."

Kirsty's POV

Well Niall has been really long now I better ring him. But before I could fogey my phone out there was I knock on the door. I ran to the door an I opened it to see.. Roxy, Lucy and Rachel. Wow I haven't seen the for 4 years since they moved.

"Hey we're going to the mall and your coming." Roxy said. Whilst pulling me out the door since I already had my phone bag and keys.

"Ok but first let me text Niall! And tell him were I will be."

"He'll be fine c'mon lets go."

Niall's POV

We saw Roxy, Lucy and Rachel take Kirsty to the mall. When they went we jumped out of the car and went straight in to the house, whilst leaving rose petals on the way.

We got into the room, and we moved the furniture to a very different style. And then we set up the guitars and microphones. Then we started rehearsing, you & I.

*** skip waiting for Kirsty ***

I looked out the window and I saw Rachel's car and we all started the music.

Kirsty's POV

I walked down the drive way and it was full of rose petals. Rachel, Roxy and Lucy drove away, and I walked into the house.

I walked into the room to see Niall and the boys singing you & I.

The song finished and Niall walked straight over to me.

"Kirsty ever since I laid eyes on you I wanted to live the rest of my life with you. Before you moved in and now you have moved in all I do is think about you. Whenever I'm not around you I think of you," He reached into his pocket and pulled out a velvet case and opened it whilst nestling down on one knee. "Kirsty will you Marry me?"

"There's only one answer to this, YES!" Right then I knew he was the one, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

He picked me up and swung me around, and then Kissed me on the lips.

"Wow!" The boys screamed.

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