It's you

Hey, I'm Kirsty I am 16 years old. I love One Direction. My fave band member is... Niall Horan. He's Irish and he is only 16 He has blond hair and he loves food just like me! We are perfect for each other!

Will it be love at first sight, and will her dream come true. Read to find out.


18. loads of hate

Kirsty's POV

I woke up to the baby's crying, so I jumped up and went into the baby's room to see Jasmin had beet me to it!

"Morning." I said to the kids and Jasmin.

"Morning. You look tiers go back to bed Kirsty you need to sleep." Jasmin was right I was tiers but I needed to look after the kids.

"No I need to look after the kids!"

"No it's fine I'll look after them."

"If that's ok with you?" I was a bit worried about this but I'm sure they will be fine.

"Yes that's fine." With that I walked out and checked my phone and I already had 12 messages from Niall and 6 miss calls from him.

(N.H= Niall, K.H= Kirsty)

I read the last message he sent. N.H- hey babe hope your ok missing you so much, :) can you please answer my calls babe.

K.H- Hey sorry I was sorting kids out and yes I'm fine and I miss you soo much too xxxxxx :) <3

N.H- Thank god your ok xxxx just what ever you do don't go on twitter please.

K.H- why???????? Xxx <3 x

N.H- Just don't please and I have to go babe cya xxxx

K.H- cya love you x

I bet you can guess what I did then... Yes your right I went straight on twitter! I was scrolling down when I saw a horrid tweet about mine and Niall's kids! 'I hate Kirsty, Kirsty Niall doesn't Evan love you! He lives his fans more then he loves you and your kids. I'm going to find your kids and take them for my own!' That tweet and at least 29 faves and 10 retweets! The next thing I knew I had tears streaming down my face!

"Kirsty you ok?" Jasmin burst in!

"Yes I'm fine." I sipped away the tears.

"No your not give me your phone let me see?" She said so I gave her my phone and he mouth formed a 'o'. And pulled me in for a hug. "Kirsty just don't listen to them there just jealous, that you are marrid to Niall and there not."

"We're are the kids?" I asked.

"They are asleep in bed."

"Oh ok. Thank you."

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