It's you

Hey, I'm Kirsty I am 16 years old. I love One Direction. My fave band member is... Niall Horan. He's Irish and he is only 16 He has blond hair and he loves food just like me! We are perfect for each other!

Will it be love at first sight, and will her dream come true. Read to find out.


6. last day of the week.

Kirsty's POV

I woke up having dreamt about Niall again that he was cheating on me with this Natalie! But this time I knew straight away it wasn't true. I know Niall would never do that.

I got up out of bed checked my phone to see it was 7:30 and that Niall was coming soon too pick me up for school. I ran into the bathroom grabbed a towel and jumped in the shower.

*** skip shower ***

I got dressed after the shower I did my make up, and ran downstairs and straight outside not Evan checking my bag.

"Hey babe." Niall said whilst opening the window.


"Let's hope there's not Louis tweeting everything, Louis is literately addicted to twitter, I don't even know what's good about it. If I wasn't like world wide, then I wouldn't even have twitter." Wow that took Niall about 20 minuets just to say that.

"Well shall I check."

"Yea." I started to unlock my phone and I loaded twitter. I can see 1 tweet by Louis, saying, 'well it's official Niall and Kirsty are now dating! They are perfect for each other, they are so cute, Niall is so happy when he's around her!' I told Niall instantly.

"I'm gonna kill Louis!" Niall shouted. "I fact he can walk to school! Text him for me and say 'Niall says your walking to school'" I pulled out my phone and messaged Louis.

*** skip picking everyone up***

I walked into school with Niall's hand in mine. We were late too school by about 10 minuets. Which doesn't matter because we only get detentions for being like 30 minuets late! I went straight to lesson it was Mr Robiton! I hate him all he does is shout!

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