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Hey, I'm Kirsty I am 16 years old. I love One Direction. My fave band member is... Niall Horan. He's Irish and he is only 16 He has blond hair and he loves food just like me! We are perfect for each other!

Will it be love at first sight, and will her dream come true. Read to find out.


20. Kids birthday.

Niall's POV

I woke up to the crying of baby's again! It has been 1 week since I got home fro


"Hey babe." Kirsty said still with her eyes closed. She must have heard me getting up to see in the kids.

"Morning I will sort kids out. Love ya." I said and walked out. I got into the bedroom and saw Jasmin and Harry both rocking the kids in there arms, whilst feeding them.

"Morning." Harry said

"Morning." I said back.

"Morning." Jasmin said.

"We're is Kirsty?" Harry said.

"In bed, why?" I asked okay that was awkward but oh well.

"Well why don't you go back and ya know..." Harry winked at me. I just rolled my eyes, and walked away laughing and so was Harry. At one point I thought he had a crush on my wife. I would have killed him.

"Hey baby," Kirsty said. "The kids ok?"

"Hey and yea there fine, it's the kids birthday today! What did you get them I will show you in a minuet."

"Well I got Chloe, a locket with a picture of us in! And I got Sam a new football. What did you get?" Kirsty asked aww she got them both so set things.

"We I got them both a play house which is outside. And I got Chloe a barbie doll and I got Sam a football net!" I said.

"Awww well they are so sweet!!!"

"ARRGGHH!!!" The baby's started to cry.

"Let's go et them and give them there prezzies!" We walked into their bedroom, and started to sing happy birthday.

*skip all day*

Kirsty's POV

"You had a good day with the kids?" I asked Niall.

"Yea it's been brill. They are growing up so fast!"

"I know I love them so much, but I love you to!" I said and smiled.

"I love you to!"


So hey sorry for the short chapter I'm sorry but this is the end of the book there will be a sequal I am so excited to be writing the sequal it might not be out though for a bit pleas comment what you thought of the book, I love you all I'm going to start and call you all my CARROTS! Love to all My CARROTS! Hope ou enjoys the book please fave and like. Cya xx

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