The Bad Guy is The Right Guy

justin bieber is a bad boy!


1. New Life

Chapter 1: NEW LIFE


I woke up to the sound of birds and the sun shining through my curtains. I'm the kind of girl who loves the outdoors. I gradually sat up in my bed. I actually felt good this morning. Despite the fact that I am not a morning person. But, my mom told me we were moving to Los Angeles I didn't hesitate to get up at the thought of it. Thinking of L.A. was amazing. The busy streets and city lights along with its fast cars and flashy clothes. All the possibilities and opportunity waiting.  It was all so exciting. L.A. would be the perfect place for me to pursue my dream. My dream of becoming an actress. Not just any actress. An actress that would be in a favorite movie of millions. An award winning actress. Yes. So many famous stars have came up and made it big through L.A. This would be a perfect chance to explore and try to get out there. I sighed a smile playing on my lips. Imagining my dream life. It will soon become a reality. I know it. 

"Christa?! Christa are you up yet?!" 

I heard my yell for me from downstairs. She's probably wandering around babbling to herself like she always does when she's stressed. It's quite amusing actually. She probably wants me to get up so she can stress me and make me do a billion things that are pointless. Mothers, am I right? 

"Yeah, I'm up Mom! Be down in a minute!" 

I stretched out my arms as  high as they could go and swung my legs over to the edge of my bed. I let out another yawn that was probably deadly at the moment knowing my morning breath. Let me tell you this, I am probably thee most unattractive thing right now. Like I said before, I am not a morning person, therefore my looks display my hatred for the morning. Even if I did wake up happy. I slid down off my bed until my bare feet were met with the hardwood floor boards. 

I trudged along to my bathroom to start my morning routine. I turned on the light and saw, as expected, the same grudge like thing I am met with every morning. Eww. I thought looking at my reflection. I grabbed a hair tie off the bathroom door nob and threw my hair up into a messy bun. I grabbed the towel and set in on the sink before grabbing my handy dandy face wash. 

I began to rinse and wash my face. Don't you just love that cool sensation when you wash your face. I don't know why but I absolutely love it. After washing the ugly off my face I grabbed my tooth brush out of the cup on the counter along with my toothpaste that I love so much. I brushed until I was satisfied and did a quick mouth wash before stepping out of the bathroom. 

Okay...time to get dressed now. I said to myself. I stood in my closet searching for some inspiration. What do you wear when you'r e moving to L.A.? I chuckled to myself at the ridiculous question. I figured since I am going to be moving and packing alot today I should dress casually and comfortably, but I will attempt to add some cute into my outfit. 

Hmmm... I tapped on my chin with my eyes scanning up and around my closet. There.  

So I decided on some dark blue high wasted jean shorts, a white cammie, and a light pink cardigan. I checked myself in the mirror before heading back to the bathroom for my hair. 

I took it out letting it fall to my waist. I am proud of my hair. It has taken so long to grow it. It played with it trying to think of something. I picked up some mousse and tossed it around in my hair, whipping my head back and forth to make sure I got it in all the right places. After I finish that I quickly put on a thin line of eyeliner and a quick brush of mascara, topped off with some peach baby lips.

Finally, I was happy with my appearance, I made my bed and headed on down to see my mother walking back and forth packing different things. 

"Finally! About time you got down here! Now c'mon, I need your help". I mentally rolled my eyes.   Good morning to you too. I thought. 

I started helping my mom pack all the little nick nacks and other crap that was small and fragile. This is the part I hate about moving, but I can't wait for my new life. 

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