Next Generation

Meet the Next Generation and the New Golden Trio:Scorpius,Albus,Rose and follow them in their adventures at Hogwarts!


1. The beginning


   Rose Weasley was in the Hogwarts Express, looking for a compartment,her long, ginger hair covering half of her face. 

    - Hey, Rose!, she heard her cousin, Albus Potter,Wanna find a compartment?

    - Yes, sure!

They checked a few of them, but each one was full of students laughing and having fun. They finally reached one, in which only one blonde boy was waving to his parents.

    -Can we sit here? Everywhere else is full., Al asked.

    -Sure!, he said and the two sat down.

The train started moving.

    -What's your name?, Rose asked friendly. 

    -Scorpius M-Malfoy...

   - Nice to meet you, she said, not seeming to care about his last name, I'm Rose Weasley and he's my cousin, Albus Potter.

     -But you can call me Al., he added.

They started talking about school, when Rose asked them what house they wanted to be in.

     -I don't now.,Al said,My whole family was in Gryffindor, but I think I would do well in any other house.How about you Scorpius? parents were in were my grandparents...and their parents...So I might be in that house,but I don't really care.

      - I'm a Weasley...And I haven't really heard of a Weasley who isn't in Gryffindor...But I would like Ravenclaw,too.

Suddenly, a tall black-haired boy, who looked about 13,and very similar to Albus, opened the door and told them they will arrive at Hogwarts soon and that they had to change in their robes.

      - Who are you?, James Potter asked, turning to Scorpius.

      - I'm Scorpius Malfoy.

James raised his eyebrows.

      -Malfoy?!, he asked.

     -How about going away, James!, Al said.

The boy rolled his eyes and closed the door.

     - Sorry about that, Scorpius. He's my older brother and he can be a little annoying sometimes.

     - Come on, let's change into our robes., Rose said pulling hers out of her bag.


                                                                 *        *         * 

       Albus' P.O.V

      - Firs' years, this way!, I heard a loud voice.

I turned around, and saw Hagrid, the key-keeper from Hogwarts. He looked a bit older then my parents had described him.

       -Albus, Scorpius, this way!,Rose called us climbing into an empty boat.

We sat down next to her, starring at the beautiful castle. We soon reached Hogwarts and Hagrid led us into the Great Hall.

A tall woman wearing a pointed hat that was covering her gray hair appeared before us and started talking.

      - I am Professor McGonagall. You will soon be sorted into one of the four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. May the ceremony begin!

She pulled out a list and read the first name on it : 

       - Anderson, Louis!

A tall boy with brown eyes and black hair joined her and she placed the hat on his head.

       -Hufflepuff!, it proclaimed.



More students got sorted into the houses, until McGonagall finally said:

         - Malfoy, Scorpius! 


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