Next Generation

Meet the Next Generation and the New Golden Trio:Scorpius,Albus,Rose and follow them in their adventures at Hogwarts!


3. First day at Hogwarts


       Albus and Rose's first class was Defense Against the Dark Arts, while Scorpius' was Herbology, with Professor Longbottom. Right after breakfast, the two cousins entered the classroom and sat down next to each other, earning a few glares from the other students, because of how unnatural it was for a Slytherin and a Gryffindor to be friends. Soon, the door opened and a tall woman with short, dark-brown hair came in.

  - This is your first Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson.,she said with a deep,cold voice. You will address me as Professor Dermont and nothing else.

The class nodded. She sat down and, with a bored voice, she continued:

  -  Today we will learn about gnomes. The magical creatures known as 'garden gnomes' or simply 'gnomes' usually infest the gardens of witches or wizards... 

The class was pretty boring and after it ended, Rose met up with Scorpius and headed towards the Quiddditch pitch, for Flying. Meanwhile, Albus had Transfiguration with the Hufflepuffs.


    Scorpius' P.O.V 

Herbology went well and I heard Professor Longbottom knew my father. They...they weren't really friends but whatever...

I went up to my common room to get my Firebolt and ran into Rose downstairs. We had Flying together, but she didn't seem excited at all. I thought she just had a bad day and forgot about it.

   - I am Madam Hooch and welcome to your first Flying lesson.

She seemed pretty nice and I think she was as excited as I was.

   - Please stand on the left side of your broom, with the right hand over it.,she said and, after they all did as they were told, she continued. Now, say 'Up!' and wait for your broom to come to you.

  - Up!, I said and the broom moved a bit. Up!, I spoke again, more firmly this time.

The broom rose from the ground and I caught it. I looked around and saw Rose desperately saying 'Up!' without making the broom lift.

  - Well done, Mr. Malfoy!, I heard Madam Hooch, Three points to Ravenclaw!

I smiled and noticed more students managing it. Soon, we all tried to lift ourselves off the ground and each of us made a tour of the Quidditch pitch.

  Author's P.O.V

The class ended and Madam Hooch called Scorpius and Zoe, a Gryffindor girl, and told them they could try out for their teams. They both left and, as he turned around, he saw the professor winking at him. 

At lunch,Scorpius met his friends and told Albus the great news. They all had three more classes and after that they had dinner together and each of them went to their own common rooms. They made some of their homework and got into bed.

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