Next Generation

Meet the Next Generation and the New Golden Trio:Scorpius,Albus,Rose and follow them in their adventures at Hogwarts!


2. A surprise


   Author's P.O.V

   Scorpius walked towards the stage and McGonnagall placed the Sorting Hat on his head.

  - Hmm..., he heard a voice, Another Malfoy... You probably want to be in Slytherin, but I see something different in you.  Where do you want me to put you, Scorpius?

  - Uh... I don't know.. What house you think is best..., he thought.

  - Very well, then. I think you'll do well in... RAVENCLAW !

 He took the Hat off, and, expecting applause, he got up. But nothing came. Everyone was staring at him, especially the Ravenclaws and Slytherins. After what seemed like an eternity to Scorpius, the Ravenclaws slowly started clapping and soon everything was forgotten.

   - McLaggen, Justine!

   - Gryffindor!

   - Norwich, Zahara!

  - Hufflepuff!

 After a while, Albus heard his own name, and walked towards the stage, his heart beating faster and faster.

  - Albus, how's your father?, the Sorting Hat whispered, OK, I see you just want to be sorted... Hmm... Your whole was in Gryffindor, so I will put you in... SLYTHERIN !

Albus was shocked, but as he turned around, he saw his brother being even more surprised than he was. After a while, the Slytherins started clapping loudly, but the Gryffindors were still staring at him.

 Rose's P.O.V

I was shocked because of Albus getting sorted into Slytherin, but soon I heard my name and I had the Hat placed on my head.

  - Oh,look, what a surprise : another Weasley... Of course, of course, GRYFFINDOR !

She almost ran to the Gryffindor table, very happy, accompanied by many claps. 



Author's P.O.V

They started eating, and after a while, the three friends began to be quite sad, because they realized they couldn't spend as much time together as they would want, since they had different common rooms.



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