Cry, will you marry me?

Pewdiepie and Cry were dating fo 3 years and pewdiepie fet it was time to take hi love to the next level :)


1. the marraige

Pewdiepie had been dating y for 3 years. Then, on the night of 16th May, 2014, Pewdiepie had the corage to ask him a quetion that would change their lives. He made a Swedish speciality for Cry and him. They spoke about Youtube and their wok. "Wow Pewdiepie! You've reached 26 million subscribers. I've only got a thew." Cry said sadly. Pewdiepie coud see the sadness and stood up and ontop of the table and nealt down. "Cry, please will you mary me?" Pewdiepie aid and Cry hugged him. "Yes..Yes Yes Yes!" Cry shouted as he took the ring box. "Oh. It's a amnesia ring. Thanks." Cy said gloomly. "I knew you would like it." he said and they both lived together happily.



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