Being Liam Payne's sisters

You may think being sisters with Liam Payne would be easy but you dont know the word to describe easy the Payne twins Millie and Katelyn go through alot because of there famous brother


6. Morning Zayn

Millie's POV


My phone alarm went off it was half 8 in the morning and i really don't know why i set it this early then i remembered that Liam has come home with the boys AGAIN they are funny but do get quite annoying but Louis is like WOW you can't get any better than him.

I finally crawled out of bed ten minutes after my alarm went off i put my hair in a high pony tail and stuck a pair of Trackies and went into Liam's room to go and get one of his jack wills hoodies luckily he was still asleep as he don't know i use his hoodies but i like them because they are big on me

I walked down the stairs to see my lovely twin Katelyn sat on the floor with a bowl of cereal as the OneDirection lads were on the sofas Zayn and Louis on one and Harry and Niall on the other, i really don't know how they call managed to fit on them but they did it.

I walked into the kitchen and made myself some toast and seems as there is no where to sit in the living room i sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen i never realised how big this kitchen was until now because being in here on my own well it feels huge

Zayn's POV

Yes louis is only a very small person but he does love to spread himself out after being woken up being kicked by louis i decided to get up i went into the kitchen and saw millie sitting their eating her toast

'Morning' i say going to sit with her

'Oh my god your scared me morning Zayn your up early' she questioned

'Im used to it having to get up dead early all the time hate doing it but it has to be done' i said and smiled

'Its your break though if i was you i wouldn't be getting out for bed until like 2' she laughed

'Oh Louis was kicking me in his sleep so i got up' i replied

'So im guessing by the silence in there your the only one up and my sister whos sitting on the floor' she questioned again

'Yep yep i am it wont be long till Liam and Niall are up harry and Louis tend to get up last'I said

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