Being Liam Payne's sisters

You may think being sisters with Liam Payne would be easy but you dont know the word to describe easy the Payne twins Millie and Katelyn go through alot because of there famous brother


3. argument

Katelyns's POV

As i opened the front door all i heard was screaming and my name being shouted and questions being fired from everywhere and the was alot of camera flashes from photographers the security guards either side of me were pushing past them making sure i was okay we finally got to the car and i quickly jumped in when i got a rather large book thrown at me i grabbed hold of it and opened it,it was clearly from a fan it had Liam's face if the front it was very nicely decorated it was a scarpbook i got to the first page and it had an envelope stuck on it it write on it please read so i did and this is what it says

'Whoever is reading this now and i know it wont be Liam if its Katelyn,Millie,Geoff,Karen i just want to say thankyou for picking this scrapbook up and if it is possible give this to liam i have met him many times before and have had lots of photos with him and my of them are stuck in here i have photos when i go and see him in concert lots so if its not too much to ask please give it too him'

I had to keep the book it was so sweet that someone goes through all this trouble and for Liam not to have it would be horrible i placed it down next to me while we were driving too the shopping centre

*in the shopping centre*

I cant go into ONE shop with out being stopped for photos or pictures being taken of me or just having the paparazzi asking me questions about Liam its really not easy being this known to the world i get so much attention its unwanted i havent earned this Liam has anyway i have bought so much stuff its untrue 4 big bags from super-dry, 5 big bags from jack wills i have been in lush and im just stopping off in nandos now

Liam's POV

we came home early like we said we were going too well i lied i said it would be tomorrow but we flew in today so i could get stuff ready for the surprise i have got for millie she should love it i hope but we are in nandos and louis and niall are having a bet which is if niall eats 7 plates of the hottest stuff there louis will buy 2 of everything on the nandos menu for him and if course Niall has accepted the bet i got up to go help Zayn order the food and drinks when i bumped into a very well know face IT WAS MY SISTER katelyn i never knew she liked it here

'Katelyn?? Is that you?' I asked

'Liam? Omg what are you doing here i thought you were coming home tomorrow' she asked confused

'Well haha no i need to get things ready for Millie's surprise so i came today and hopefully she should love it' i smiled while replying

'What even is the surprise man i want to know pleaseeeeee liam pleaseeeeeee because im your favourite sister pleaseeee' she winged

'Well she likes drinking and partying so we are going on a club crawl basically where you go to everysingle club and get smashed i need to make it up too her seems as we really dont get along and dont spend no time with her when im home and i have realised that when im away how much i miss her'i said

'Oh so you think more partying is gonna make her any better gonna change her shes bad enough as it is Liam doing that is not going to help shes not even out of bed when i left so i hope you little plan of trying to bond with her fails badly because thats the worst possible thing you could of done' she said gritting her teeth

'Well sorry katelyn its not what you want you are both completely different its not always gonna be your way and your gonna have to face it sooner or later im doing this for her and me because we always argue i just wanna get along with her with her loosing her temper or without the paparazzi saying stuff about us'i replied angrily

She walked out after i said that ohhh this is gonna be so much fun tomorrow

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