just because i'm clever

this is like every other high school badass/bully Justin Bieber story, or is it?
you'll meet Clair the nerd, the clever one.
Is she like every one thinks she is or will there appear secrets nobody ever thought she would have?
will there appear love between Justin and Clair or will it only make the hate worse?
i can tell you one thing... its nothing you ever expected -just give it time...

A/N : ! I just wanna tell you this before you judge me, English is not my natural language so please bear with me haha and also this is my first movella


4. my apartment?!

…“Wipe your eyes and get a life” I hear Chaz shout at me while the other laughs….

I did what he said, I wiped my eyes and stepped into my car.

*Justin POV*

We’ve decided to follow her home and make her a little visit.

We got to her hou… apartment? But last tim…I mean I thought she lived in a house?.... we walked up to the floor where she lives and knocked. I’m gonna regret this sooner or later.

*Clair POV*

I just fixed my alarm clock and placed it on the bedside table, I walked to my living room and placed my butt on the couch to watch some tv before doing my homework. Someone knocked on my door, what the hell? Nobody ever visits me? I thought to myself as I walk to my door. I opened the door and my jaw dropped “what the hell?!” I said to Justin, Ryan and Chaz who was the one who knocked on my door

“Oh hey, your parents home?” Ryan asked

I gave him a glare and tried slamming the door, but Justin put his foot in between so I couldn’t slam it.

“Hey whore” said Justin

“Said the guy who fucked every girl on school” I responded

“he haven’t fucked you” Chaz came back at me fast, Ryan laughed and Justin just frowned, I quick gave Justin a glare and responded “what do you want”  

I didn’t get an answer cause they all just walked straight in “HEY you can’t just walk into my apartment without permission, and you could at least had taken your shoes off?!” I kind of yell after them, since they just kept walking. They walked into my living room with me after them “do you mind, and get out?!” they just looked at me like I was an idiot, Justin walked over to my book shelf and looked back at me “nice book collection” he said “you serious..” I didn't get to finish my sentence, because Justin loomed ALL the books down

“what the hell do think you’re doing?!” I yelled at him, I ran over to him and began pushing him towards the door “you’re *push* all *push* a bunch *push* of idiots!” I looked at Ryan who started taking all my movies out of their DVD cases, and throwing them around like Frisbees “you! You stop that!” I yelled at him. First they’re harassing me, then they destroy my apartment while I can’t do shit about it.

“STOP right away or I’m calling the cops!” I start out yelling and then turning it into a normal voice, they all just look at me. “Whatever I have to go anyway, Ryan you still eating at my house?” Chaz said/asked “yeah I am” Ryan said, I can’t believe this they’re talking to each other like nothing abnormally just happened. “See ya bro “ they both said in sync to Justin. I heard the door get slammed shut, and thought they left. Until I felt a pair of strong hands on my hips. Justin was standing behind me and kissed my cheek “sorry for the mess babe” I turned around and….


A/N: I'm sorry it took me SO long to update, and sorry to leave you hanging :P it would be nice with some comments cause i don't know if its bad and boring, or if there's anything i can do better, or something?

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