just because i'm clever

this is like every other high school badass/bully Justin Bieber story, or is it?
you'll meet Clair the nerd, the clever one.
Is she like every one thinks she is or will there appear secrets nobody ever thought she would have?
will there appear love between Justin and Clair or will it only make the hate worse?
i can tell you one thing... its nothing you ever expected -just give it time...

A/N : ! I just wanna tell you this before you judge me, English is not my natural language so please bear with me haha and also this is my first movella


2. morning...

A/N : heyyy! Thank you for reading this! I just wanna tell you this before you judge me, English is not my natural language so please bear with me haha and also this is my first movella


“urgh” I complained and tried to turn off my alarm clock, I said tried cause what I did was smack it down on the floor.

“URGH, not again!” I’m almost sure it has the same condition like last time it ended on the floor, aaaand the time before that, normally I would just fix it when I come home from the hell hole I call school. Finally I got my shit together and sat up just to realize it took me 30 minutes to just sit up, ‘well that’s just fucking great now it’s 6:30 am and I’m supposed to leave at 7:30am’ I thought as I looked down on the totally smashed clock on the floor. ‘Well I don’t have time for a shower now, but whatever nobody cares about me anyway’ I stand up and walk to my walk-in closet and pulled out an oversized hoodie and a pair of black skinny jeans, put it on, and walk to my bathroom, I wash my face, applied just a thin coat of mascara ‘why make something out of yourself when you aren’t supposed to impress someone’ that’s what I tell myself every morning. Put my hair in a messy bun and put my round black glasses on.

How rude of me, not to tell you anything about myself!? Well my name’s Clair, I’m 17 and I’m living alone in my own apartment, why? You ask, well that’s because my parents hates/hated me because, oh well let me just say I’m pretty clever and I’m that person only the teachers love, always turning my work in early and straight A’s. What my parents wanted me to be was the stupid bitch that rules the school, the cheerleader captain, and the football captains’ girlfriend; unfortunately I’m the complete opposite. Soooo they abused me, I feel like it’s my fault, but of cause I know it ain’t. there’s not so much more about my life except my worst bully and his so called ‘gang’, his name’s Justin and his best friends Ryan, Chaz and Christian or what everyone else calls him, Chris.

I’m now ready for school, skipping breakfast as usual, I don’t wanna gain any weight. I walked out and locked my door and walked down to my fiat 500 in withe I bought on my 16th birthday since my parents aren’t here to do it –not that I wanted them to anyway.

********skip car ride********

I parked my lovely car, and looked out the window just to see my worst night mare that just repeats its self every day, it hunts me even in the weekends, all the hate messages and all the people telling me to just kill myself already, a tear slipped from my eye without my permission. I quickly wiped it away and stepped out my car, to get the first shout “HEY loser! Looking ugly again I see” I don’t even know who that is, I just ignored it and looked down, making my way to the front door. Most of them don’t even know my name but picks on me any way. When I came to my locker there was a note on it >>kill yourself, nobody likes you anyway<< it was from Ashly the cheerleader captain and her little group of ‘friends’ Brittney and hope, all divas and I hate them all, but it still hurt me to see it. I just pulled it down and scrambled it together and tossed it on the floor.

 Took my history books out and went to class with everyone’s eyes on me and pointing while they were ‘whispering’ things about me and they properly know I can hear them no scratch that they know I can hear them. I didn’t come far before I fell over a foot. “Urgh” I said with a low voice like I was afraid of my own voice, it actually hurt pretty bad but I wasn’t going to show him, yeah I know exactly who did this, now I’m just scared of looking up and into his honey brown eyes. I know this’ll end bad… 


A/N: yeah again -live with it<3- please tell me what you think and if there's anything i can do better but still remember its my first so don't be too harsh lol :P ;) and again thank you for reading my story :) <3

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