just because i'm clever

this is like every other high school badass/bully Justin Bieber story, or is it?
you'll meet Clair the nerd, the clever one.
Is she like every one thinks she is or will there appear secrets nobody ever thought she would have?
will there appear love between Justin and Clair or will it only make the hate worse?
i can tell you one thing... its nothing you ever expected -just give it time...

A/N : ! I just wanna tell you this before you judge me, English is not my natural language so please bear with me haha and also this is my first movella


5. Get the fu*k out...

…Justin was standing behind me and kissed my cheek “sorry for the mess babe” I turned around and….

Slapped him hard across the cheek so it hurt my hand “AUCH” I complained, and swung my hand up and down showing that it hurt. “What the actual hell” Justin said/yelled and took his hand up to his cheek that now had my hand print on it. “don’t kiss me! And I’m not your freaking babe?!” I yelled at him “but” I cut him off “no buts I don’t love you anymore, it’s a long time since and I won’t EVER love you again! You’ve made my life a living hell!” I yelled at him again, he looked down and mumbled “I’m sorry” he scratched his neck. He looked up at me “I’m still in love with you..” I looked at him in disbelief “you’re fucking kidding me right?” I said “I’m afraid not” he responded “maybe you should’ve thought about that before you beat me up this morning, and before you came and destroyed my apartment?!” I said to him as it was obviously.

 “yeah I know! And I’m really sorry, please” he said while pulling me towards him by my hips. Is he a complete idiot or what?! I pushed myself away from him. “Stop it Justin, you’re fooling yourself! Just leave my apartment” I told him “at least let me help you clean our deed up” he asked “no just go… just go” I turned around and began finding all the movies that Ryan threw.

Guess what?! Justin didn’t understood what I said since he’s putting my books back in the shelf. We are now done cleaning my living room without saying a word to each other, I felt Justins’ eyes on me plenty times but I haven’t dared looking at him once. He stood up and looked at me, and I finally looked back at him “Sooo” he said “Thanks… please leave now” “But-” “-No Justin I don’t want you ever again!” it was like his eyes went black. He stormed up to me and pushed me up against the wall “Nobody and I repeat nobody turns me down you get that?! Bitch you’ll get the consequences” I was so shocked so I didn’t realize he went out and slammed the door after him. Now I’m scared, and me who thought I was scared before? Uhh this is nothing compared! I went straight to bed after this, since it’s pretty late, not wanting to wake up tomorrow. I’m  not lying when I say I’d rather be dead than wake up tomorrow and face Justin…

A/N: should I delete this? I don’t feel like anyone reads it or like it so why should I keep writing?

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