just because i'm clever

this is like every other high school badass/bully Justin Bieber story, or is it?
you'll meet Clair the nerd, the clever one.
Is she like every one thinks she is or will there appear secrets nobody ever thought she would have?
will there appear love between Justin and Clair or will it only make the hate worse?
i can tell you one thing... its nothing you ever expected -just give it time...

A/N : ! I just wanna tell you this before you judge me, English is not my natural language so please bear with me haha and also this is my first movella


3. crying...

….yeah I know exactly who did this, now I’m just scared of looking up and into his honey brown eyes. I know this’ll end bad…

“look at me!, you little bitch

I felt my body shake when he said those 3 words, he never said that to me, it have always been nerd or freak. The pain in my heart was big cause it brought back the memories from my dad when he abused me, nobody in this school knows about my parents and the fact that I live alone, to be honest I don’t want them to know either, it’ll just give them another reason to hate and bully me.

“I SAID LOOK AT ME! Or are you deaf too now?... fucking freak”

Justin yelled at me and after he said ‘fucking freak’ he spits on me and kicked me in the stomach.


Oh thank God! The bell saved me, I knew if it hadn’t he and his ‘gag’ would’ve beaten me up while everyone would’ve watched and even videotaped it just to make sure everyone saw it. The pain is SO strong that I’m ditching class and sitting in the girls bathroom crying, I’m scared of walking out there again cause I know he’ll be waiting for me. Before the bell rings I have to reach the library, cause I know that Justin never comes there. Finally, I let out a sigh of relieve, I let my body sink down in one of the couches and began reading in the history book that I’m still carrying with me.

I’ve been avoiding Justin and his gang all day, but now it’s time for lunch and I can’t avoid him any longer cause he’ll be there. I’m standing in line to pay for the one slice of toast with butter, I’m nervous that Justin or one of his friends will come up to me and take revenge or something like that. I paid and was heading towards the doors, I’m always eating on the football field –alone, I don’t have any friends and everyone who tries, I push them away or they’ll just get bullied like me and I really don’t want to pull someone through this.

“sure you’re going to eat that?! It’s sure not gonna help you with all that fat”

I could hear Ashly’s high-pitched fake voice. I turned around and looked at her with her slutty outfit, too small skirt and a low necked crop top, flashing her perfectly tan belly with a belly button piercing (if you wear this clothes normally, sorry) smacking her gum in my face

“Yeah and your 5th make-up layer didn’t do much better on your face…”

I gave her a glare and walked out hearing people whispering words and sounds like “burn, ouch, uff etc.” got to the bench I normally sits on “maybe she’s right” I thought to myself as I looked down on my fat stomach (she’s not fat but she thinks she is) throwing my piece of toast out.

The awful day was finally over, awful cause Chris humiliated me in front of the whole class, making me trip and lose grip of about fifty sheets of paper and ‘falling’ trying to pick them up. Everyone was laughing and pointing at me while Ryan videotaped it, why they videotape it every time I don’t know. As I walk to my car, I see it covered in notes saying stuff like “go to hell” “just die” “I hope you die soon” “fuck you” “loser” etc. I started crying while removing and reading all of them, yeah yeah yeah I know I shouldn’t read it, but just throw them out, but it’s just not that simple. “Wipe your eyes and get a life” I hear Chaz shout at me while the other laughs.

A/N: I was supposed to put this up yesterday but I got unexpected friend staying overnight lol haha sorry AAAAAAND thank you SO much for reading this!!

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