just because i'm clever

this is like every other high school badass/bully Justin Bieber story, or is it?
you'll meet Clair the nerd, the clever one.
Is she like every one thinks she is or will there appear secrets nobody ever thought she would have?
will there appear love between Justin and Clair or will it only make the hate worse?
i can tell you one thing... its nothing you ever expected -just give it time...

A/N : ! I just wanna tell you this before you judge me, English is not my natural language so please bear with me haha and also this is my first movella


1. characters


A/N  BTW pictures can only be shown on a computer but i'll try describe them :)


Clair: dirty brown long hair and blue eyes, thin face and plump lower lip and thin upper lip, 5 foot and 7 inch

Ashly (leader in the 'bitch goup') : blond(bleach blond) long hair, blue eyes, thin face, plump lips  same high as Clair

hope (in 'bitch group') : Ariana Grande with blond long hair and same high as the others


Brittney(in 'bitch group') : long hair: pastel colors: red(top), purple(middle), and blue(the ends), dark brown eyes, thin face and normal lips oh and same high as the others

 Justin -google him if you feel the need :P

chris(tian) -again google him

Ryan -still google him

Chaz -google him again...

(i couldn't upload the pic :/ )

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