Take my blood (poem and best friend's letters)


1. All in one chapter

Take my blood, is all I have left

Take my blood and do some good with it

 Take my blood and save some lives

Take my blood and fill some tubes

Take them to the Lab and save some lives

Take my blood, is what I do

My name is Josie Joan and I've been giving blood for years, the thing I like most about doing what I do is the letters I get from this very nice girl, Joan!

Dear Josie

Do you still remember that day we met at the Hospital and you wrote me a letter back to say I looked pretty and I couldn't thank you enough and called you a hero in a letter?

Well, I have no point to this. I just want to say thank you for being such a great friend Joan x

Dear Joan

As if I would need reminding, that day meant a lot to me too. I gained a lifetime friend, though I did find you a bit strange that you spied on me through the doctor's room window and when I spotted you, you ran away when you saw that I saw you first. But when I chased you out into the carpark and you could see you had nowhere else to run and sat down on a bench where I joined you and we chatted. I could see you was just a normal, pretty girl just wanting to meet the person who saved your life.

Josie x

Dear Josie

I'm so so sorry if I ever freaked you so much, I really didn't mean to. Yes, I must admit I did spy on you and follow you outside and hide behind walls so you woudn't see me outside or inside. That's how I found out your name, I heard a woman calling you "Josie" and I thought it must have been your mother, was I right?

Sorry again, Joan x

Dear Joan

Yes, you were right. That was my mother you saw and you told you followed me home and found out my address that way. I must admit, when you told me that in your letter I was very freaked out and wanted to cut off contact with you altogether. But when I calmed down and realized you was just a normal girl who wanted to know and meet the person who saved your life. I thought I should give you a chance.

I'm so glad my blood and whoever else giving blood saved people's lives and I'm so glad my blood saved yours. Thank you for calling me a hero, I wouldn't say I was a hero I'm just doing what I do

Josie x

Dear Josie

Again I am so sorry, for being a bit of a stalker and spying on you! But I'm glad you give me a chance and now you're my best friend in the whole wild world and my name is even the same as your middle name :-)

Joan x

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