Next Generation shadowhunters

I LOVE TMI! So I thought, what would their kids be like? Izzy and Simon's could be pretty nerds. Clary and Jace's could be awesome fighters and artists and Malec's could be always covered in glitter


6. Snow day

The kid were all sitting at the Institute's kitchen table studying differnet types of demos while their parents talked and made dinner. When Luke looked up and pushed his bright orange hair out of his eyes he yelled. "Look! It's snowing!" He knew it was kind of silly for a ten year old shadowhunter to get so excited about but he was. And so were the others.

They dropped their books and pens and ran out of the door into the Institute's big garden. Their parents followed behind laughing.. The kids were twirling around and Luke and Max flopped down to the white ground and started making snow angels. Their parents said they would be back out in a minute after putting the dinner into the oven and getting coats and scarves.

"Why don't you build a snowman while we're gone?" Clary asked. The kids stopped what they were doing.

"What's a snowman?" Jessie asked.

Simon and Clary looked at the shadowhunters what they were thinking was clear in their eyes. It was almost the look thaey had when they had found out they had never built a snowman before.

"It's okay sweetie. I had never made one before I was eighteen either," Alec said.

"You see, kids, what you do is you gather some snow together and mould it to make it look like something, normally a man made with three big snowball put on top of each other, with twigs for arms. and stones made into a face," Simon said.

"Okay, let's do that," Rosie said.

The parents went inside, fished the dinner and put on their coats and gloves and scarves, of course Magnus's had a little sparkle to it, and came out fifteen minutes later. They stopped when they saw what their children had just finished making. "What is this?!" Clary asked.

"We did what you said, we made a snow hydra," Max said.

"I said a snowman not a snow demon!"

"Yeah and kids one of the heads is a little small," Jace said.

"Oh, so now your criticising what you nieces and nephews made! Your own son helped too!" Clary yelled at her husband.

"Is it really not that much like a real hydra?" Jessie asked.

"No, Jess, it's really great!" Alec told his daughter and scooped her up and spun her around while Magnus nodded and glared at Jace. When Alec sat her down Magnus handed her her coat which she shrugged into. As the other were putting their coats on their parents just looked up at the big snow demon and smiled.

"It's cold in here. I'm going inside," Alec said. But just as he turned around he was hit in the back of the neck by something ice cold. A snowball! He turned around to see Magnus smiling and waving at him. He bent down at gathered up a handful of snow. He threw it at Magnus but he stepped out of the way and it hit Jace instead. Jace then threw one at both Alec and Simon. Then all snowy hell broke loose and evey adult was throwing snowballs at each other. That was until they were all hit hard in the face with a snowball. They all turn to look at the source and saw Clary glaring at them.

"Stop it! You're setting a bad example for the kids!" But when they looked the kids were already throwing snowballs at each other.

"No we weren't. We were showing them how to have fun," Magnus said. Then he yelled out "LIGHTWOODS, GET THE HERONDALES!"

The snowball fight went on for over an hour and by the time they went back in laughing their heads off they could smell burning in the kitchen. "The Lasagne!" Izzy yelled. She rushed over and pulled the very burnt lasagne out of the oven.

"Looks like I'm going out to get pizza aren't I?" Jace said.


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