Next Generation shadowhunters

I LOVE TMI! So I thought, what would their kids be like? Izzy and Simon's could be pretty nerds. Clary and Jace's could be awesome fighters and artists and Malec's could be always covered in glitter


1. Little Malec

"Come here Jessie. Who's the cutest baby in the world? You are." Alec said. He was on the floor playing with little Jess, she could only just walk. Magnus sat on the couch watching them and laughing. "Apparently you're the most glittery baby too. Magnus Bane, DID YOU PUT EYELINER ON OUR BABY?!" "Yes. She likes it." Alec stood up, Jess in his arms. 2I'm going to go wash this off before we meet up with Jace."

He walked out of the room with Magnus following at his heels. Once he reached the apartment's bathroom he stopped. There was glitter everywhere. On the shelf near the sink was blue and purple and had two open jars on it. "What the hell, Magnus?" "It went with her dress. And her eyes." It was true the purple matched her violet dress and the blue was the same dark blue as here eyes.

Little Jessie giggled and reached for the glitter. Magnus seeing her, took a handful of the blue glitter and threw it over her hair sing "Glitter, glitter everywhere." Some of it landed on Alec and he shook his head trying to get it out.

"Why did I ever marry you?" he asked. "Because you love me. And because your life was so dull without me. No sparkle." "Oh, right. Thanks for reminding me." He reached up and planted a kiss on his lovers lips.

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