Next Generation shadowhunters

I LOVE TMI! So I thought, what would their kids be like? Izzy and Simon's could be pretty nerds. Clary and Jace's could be awesome fighters and artists and Malec's could be always covered in glitter


2. Little Luke

"Hi Luke," Jace said picking up his young child. "Ready to go to the institute to play with Jessie?" Little golden haired Luke looked up at him and clapped his hands. "Clary, ready to go?" He called out to his young wife. She came into the room and kissed him on the cheek. "Sure."      

They set off down the hall. "Me and Izzy are just going to be in the library, if anything goes wrong-" "Do you really have that little faith in me? He`s my kid too you know." he said fixing her with a mocking gaze. "Yes, but last time you and Simon took them to the park and you took them to the fairies." "Now that was a mistake, but also a learning experience. Now they now how all fairies are," he stopped at the look his lover gave him, he was really finding this `no swearing in front of the baby` thing hard, "are not very nice people."  Clary smiled. "Nice save." she said."Thanks."                                                                                                                     

The ride to the institute was short in Jace`s new car. But when they got there they saw Magnus`s car out front. "Looks like they beat us." Clary said. She got out of the car and retrieved Luke from the backseat. Jace got out as well and pushed his sunglasses on top of his head. Just then then they heard the rumble of a familiar engine. Luke`s pickup truck pulled up behind Jace`s car.

He still remembered the look on Luke`s face when he and Clary had told him the baby`s name. It had been the first time him and Jocelyn had come to see them in the hospital after the baby was born. They had said they had come up with a name. "Do you want to hear it?" they had asked. Izzy and Simon had also been in the room so it had seemed like a good time. Luke, who had been holding him, had nodded. "Luke Simon Lightwood." Simon and Luke had been honoured and shocked. "Lightwood?" Isabelle had asked. "Well Jace only ever had you for a family and we were married asLightwoods so"                                                                              

  Luke was out of the truck first, Simon and Izzy were right on his heels. "Luke!" Clary called out in surprise. "I didn't know you were coming." Jace said walking up to him. "Well I wasn't, but I had to drop off something for Simon and they told me they were coming. So I thought, haven't seen little me in a while." "Offered us a ride too." said Simon.                                                       

 With that they made their way into the institute.

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