Next Generation shadowhunters

I LOVE TMI! So I thought, what would their kids be like? Izzy and Simon's could be pretty nerds. Clary and Jace's could be awesome fighters and artists and Malec's could be always covered in glitter


3. Hide And Seek

"Rosie! Max!" Simon called his children. "Why dose the institute have to be so freaking big?" It was made harder to search for his kid as he could not go inside. The twins with their dark hair and pale skin were unmistakable as his. Rosie even had glasses!  

That's when he heard it. "Uncle Mag! Uncle Mag!" Simon breathed out a sigh of relief. He ran around to the other side of the institute. The twins were there and so Magnus and Jessie. Both of whom had blue glitter in their hair. The kids were chasing each other around.                                  

"Did you lose something? Or two?" He asked. "Hi Magnus," he said catching Max and lifting him up. "Where`s the others?" "Inside." He noticed Magnus was dressed down, for him anyway. Just in a black suit that somehow seemed sparkly. "They're coming out soon."

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