Next Generation shadowhunters

I LOVE TMI! So I thought, what would their kids be like? Izzy and Simon's could be pretty nerds. Clary and Jace's could be awesome fighters and artists and Malec's could be always covered in glitter


5. Dad Drama

They were all at Izzy and Simon's. "You dad's coming right?" Alec heard Simon ask. "Yeah." This caught his attention. Dad's home? "Look after Jessie." he said to Magnus. He walked over to his sister.

"Did you say Dad's home?" he asked. "Yes, it's Rosie and Max's Birthday tomorrow." she said matter-of-factly. He hardly ever came home."Why didn't anyone tell me!?" he asked outraged. "I thought you knew! He portaled back this morning!" she shouted back. "Why wouldn't he tell you?" she asked quietly and half to herself. "I know. Who helped him get back!? If it was Magnus I'm going to be so pissed!" "It was Clary." "Where is he?" "The institute in the library probably." "I'll see you later." he said and turned away. "Alec wait! Don't go over there when you're like this!" She started after him but he had already started off running down the street.

He ran into the institute and banged the door behind him. "Dad!" he called. "Dad!" he yelled as he entered the library. Robert Lightwood stood in the middle of the room a book in his hands. "Alec, son?" he said turning to face him and putting his book down.

"How come you never told me you were coming home from Idris?! You come home for Max and Rosie's birthday, were probably going to come home for Luke's too but something came up! But not Jessie's! She's your grandchild too. You've met my baby twice, Dad. Twice!" Robert said nothing.

"I know you hate me! Find me disgusting! But don't take it out on her. Don't!" Alec was out of breath. He had never told his father he knew how he felt about him. They both knew but no one said anything.

"Alec, I'm not disgusted by you. But this is just a phase. You threw your whole life away for a phase. I know you think you love this downworlder! But you don't."

"Say it Dad! Say I , Alexander Gideon Lightwood, your son, am gay! I am in love with a man! And I always will be in love with Magnus!" And with that he left.

He started to walk back to Iz's. His hair sticking to his forehead as the afternoon sun beat down. Halfway there his phone buzzed with a text from Magnus:

Come home. Don't go to Iz's,

Clary has Jessie. Come home.

He turned around and started off in the other direction.

Before long he had arrived at his and Magnus's apartment. Magnus sat on the couch. He opened his arms and Alec collapsed into them, his head on his warlock's shoulder. He told Magnus what happened and sobbed a little. Magnus was the only one who ever saw him like this. Emotions and scars exposed.

"Screw him." Magnus said when he was finished. Alec laughed and kissed his warlock hard on the lips. And continued to do so and pushed him back on the couch. They did this until a knock at the door disturbed them. "Get rid of whoever it is." Magnus said.

Alec got up, retrieved his shirt and went to the door. Clary stood there with Jessie beside her. "Oh, Alec! I'm so sorry. That must have been horrible. Jace told me what happened." Alec looked at her. Magnus took Jess and went back to the couch. "Magnus told Jace. Earlier." Clary said seeing his blank expression.

Alec nodded and Clary let herself in. 

"You spied on me." Alec said sitting back down. "Yes but aren't you glad I did?"

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