Other eyes: Tale of a zombie

Am I alive? No. Am i dead? Well I am not sure. They say zombies are nothing but meat eating flesh corpses that only care for that one thing.... food, spreading sickness to where the world is nothing but us. However I am different I still remember my past but with this sickness do I give in sine I had awakened again but in a new form?
For the ZAM14/ walking dead comp


3. 3

I looked right at the children and I thought that if I could get just one I would be full for a while but I will have to grab fast and eat even faster, no problem. I am in the bushes and waiting for one of the two to get right to me and then I would go for the kill.

It didn’t take one of the kids long. The boy had red hair and looked like a huge steak to me. A steak with sause that came so close that I could feel the warmth to where I knew this was my chance for the best meal on this earth.

I snatched the kid and both started to scream. I didn’t mind as I started to chow down on the flesh. I pulled and yanked on the skin that was a bit on the chewy side but still tender and juicy as the blood stained my mouth and ground.

“Be quiet.” I growled but it only turned into more screaming and I knew exactly what to do. Go for the head or heart. Either one was a good thing as, once again, more of the zombies started to come through the woods. They came through one after the over while I could only think of their rotten stench, or it was my own but before they got to me, I looked down to see the small kid, now dead.

It frightened me as I shuffled back and let the rest have him. The kill was so beautiful, so perfect and sneaky that the juice of blood and other body items kept running down my month. The child was so delectable that it was starting to become like the squirrel, wanting more.

I couldn’t control myself so I dived into the bat of zombies and accepted defeat. I had become one of them. I like flesh and I want more. Flesh is a type of hunger I desire. Being a cannibal was what I want now and that child is it. I went from animals to eating my own kind. As much denial I have, I was in bliss as I managed to ward off of the rest of the horde or at least managed to get a piece of the kid.

All of a sudden, I hear a familiar sound. Two people were now coming this way. One sounded older to me and the younger one was the other kid.

Some of the hoard went to them and I can hear the shots of a high powered gun and he was aiming for the head. I couldn’t care less if they got closer since I had my best meal that I ever had. Each blast sounded the two’s whereabouts. I looked up and finally saw what I was doing with the rest of the zombies that stayed behind and it horrified me that I had come this far.

I was eating someone so young and that he hadn’t even started his life was the part that scarred me the most. I could see that the family members were coming as more of my kind started to go after the other child. The adult was protecting the child by using his rifle and hitting every one of my kind in the head and I was not worried as I gave them space. I wasn’t fast enough as I can feel a pain shoot through my leg and I turned to notice that I couldn’t use them anymore.

The man got closer to me but instead of killing me off right then, both of them glanced over to the boy sadly. I knew that I couldn’t think about attacking them since I know this could be a sensible moment for them and I wanted to keep at least that part of my old human form.

The man looked at me shortly with dark eyes that were full of sadness and revenge while the girl was crying hysterically and I don’t blame her for losing someone you love since that is what my siblings had to go through when I turned into this hybrid. The man told the child to go back home and she retreated to the jail.

I knew that I had become them and I wish I could talk but all I could do was moan and groan to where it sounded like I was yelling at them. I saw one thing that I wished that someone did the one thing that the man did that I wished someone did for me. I can tell that the man was at piece. Then he turned to me.

 The man raised the gun and fired just as the kid started too grown like me. Then he spotted me and aimed the darkened barrel to my head as I heard the click of a rifle, ready to send me to freedom from what I became. The last thing I remember hearing is the sound of the gun firing off the chains of my existence.

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