Other eyes: Tale of a zombie

Am I alive? No. Am i dead? Well I am not sure. They say zombies are nothing but meat eating flesh corpses that only care for that one thing.... food, spreading sickness to where the world is nothing but us. However I am different I still remember my past but with this sickness do I give in sine I had awakened again but in a new form?
For the ZAM14/ walking dead comp


2. 2

I was back on my own for now. I guess this is life for us monsters. Walking everywhere to just find a meal somewhere or have us wither to nothing that I rather not think about right now. I had been at this from dawn to dusk, dusk to dawn for at least a few days now.

It is funny that you never know how humongous a simple subdivision might be until you walk it from end to end nonstop since my body seems to not get tired, just hungry.  Again, hunger was on the top of my mind other than the thoughts that I am this way. I am lonely but I know that there are others that look like me but I rather not stoop to their level, yet.

I know that I will have to one day, give in and call myself a, zombie. I hate that word as it put a label on something and I never was a fan of labels, unless it was absolutely necessary. I still rather just call myself a creature thought I know that will have to be my label, and my name.

I try to search for my name and came up short as I only remember sar, something along those lines. I look around and see the forgotten stores that had to inhabit someone or something that would be in the lines of food or at least in the fact that I am lonely would help if I could find companionship.

I can hear the squeak of a sign that stated that there were a few old drinks called Pepsi and Coke cola sold there and I was puzzled of the fact that they were still around since the apocalypse happened or the sign was just a remembrance of the past.

I start to wonder if there was anyone left in the ways of human beings, or that we had lost everything now. However, I did see those girls and they looked alive to me which was good enough to me that there had to be at least some humans still around here.

I had must had gotten to the outskirts but I was greeted by a fortified gate. The wood that was a round the fence looked like it was trying to keep the creatures out as I felt the want to eat the flesh of the last ones around this structure creep up around me. I could smell the want of life while it was a stench that meant that they were functioning and there were the humans.

The sweet scent of perforation filled my nostrils and it smelled like a hot delectable meal was waiting for me to just get there and take the meat right off of the bones. To have the blood run down my shirt again was so wonderful the first time with the squirrel, which I could only have for a very short while.  The meat taste like it was pre-seasoned even though it would be uncooked sushi but still a delicacy to me and only me as I can see that I am the only one there.

I start to go over there, the fence should be a feat but I think I am strong enough or if I do it quiet enough that I would be able to find a spot to where I could be a crawler.

Although, a voice had switched my thoughts since I know it is a voice of a young person.  I turn and there the kids where one boy and one girl were playing outside the fence. I glanced around before I made my move. I was not going to be your typical zombie since they would just go after the child without scanning their surroundings first.

I scanned the aria and see that the guards were away a bit at, what looked like, was the main center of inhabitant. I was happy inside as I made myself slowly move into a hidden aria since these might had been just curious children that will go a bit too far from home.  I start to growl softly while I slowly got to position.

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