Other eyes: Tale of a zombie

Am I alive? No. Am i dead? Well I am not sure. They say zombies are nothing but meat eating flesh corpses that only care for that one thing.... food, spreading sickness to where the world is nothing but us. However I am different I still remember my past but with this sickness do I give in sine I had awakened again but in a new form?
For the ZAM14/ walking dead comp


1. 1.

I tried to walk but it is staggering as I fall back to the ground. I think I am dead…but at the same time I’m not. “What have I become?”  I thought as I sat up. I’m hungry but I know that eating people is wrong. However, it sounds really good as I tried to get up. My body was very limp while I felt blistering warm while I looked for a meal.

My past came to mind as I wandered why they left me while I was looking around where I was. Was I to wither since I’m already alone? I still remember my comrades that used to keep this place tied down…before the aria went to shame.

I can see myself being with the group, my siblings looking at the one person that was supposed to protect them.  What I did horrified everyone and I don’t blame them if they never want to see me again.

 I tried to walk for the second time. One leg swung out and landed loosely on the ground to where I wondered that my leg would collapse. I wanted to know how long I was asleep. The answer would be unwilling to show itself since I am alone.

“One more step should make it.” I grumbled to myself but it came out as moaning. It frightened me, but then again, this is what I am now. I stumbled around thinking that I would like to look at myself to see what I look like.

I heard something that I think it was a cat or another animal that had tipped a trash can over but once I hear chatter, the words excites me.

I started to stumble over to see children starting to run away from me. I thought that they looked like a nice appetizer. I shook my head thinking that this cannot be me. I was curious, not hungry for blood or am I in denial that I had become this monster.

No, can’t be, I’m not one of them! I was just curious not wanting to eat them. Why would they run from ME? I questioned and then I spotted a window that is part of a boarded up house.

Then I remembered this place, where I woke. It was my own neighborhood and this was my old home. But why did I wake here since I am just a single person that had passed out on the ground far from here. However, I don’t remember how I even got here at all. Minus the horde was on top, so I guess I am dead.

Ok one question down, I must be dead or am I, walking. There are walking corpses now so I guess that I can’t proclaim myself dead or not from that knowledge. I start to walk over to the window to see what I am now and I am horrified.

My shoulder is gone, I look completely boney and my lush black hair is in shambles while some of my skull was missing. My eyes were a bright red that was not natural while the rest of me looked wasted, as in a corpse that I had seen before. I can’t think that I am one of those zombies but those kids looked so appetizing. That they were so juicy looking to where, I just can’t be a cannibal! I start to think that I better search around for something to eat or someone that would accept me for whom I am.

I am unsure where I am at since I had left my home of wherever to this place of I am not sure. I had been staggering for days and the only thing that sounds good is…flesh, great. I still have that nasty craving.

 I look at the lush sky in wonder of how much longer till I can eat then I see something that catches my vision, a nice small animal that I think is a bushy red squirrel that I can use as a meal. No one would question it as unacceptable. I start at the little thing and it starts going away as I grown in want of that little meal that would hold me over for a bit.

The eyes of the squirrel got big and beautiful as I got closer and closer. It made its tail jerk out and back in before running a few steps. I went as fast as my hobbling feet and legs would carry me. I start to lose my balance again but manage to stay steady until I had to grab the little thing. I felt successful as I managed to use my hands to try to grab the innocent creature that almost left me.

I fall thought the air feeling lost and defeated as I can hear myself crash against the pavement and grass that I was fallowing. I knew I needed that meal to survive and I was not going to give up. I started to use my arms as if I was one of those Crawlers that they all talk about before I became this.

One arm, then the other, I slowly made my way over to the meal. I can taste the scrumptious raw, uncooked, meat in my mouth. I can also start to feel the blood, juice, running down my face and onto my shirt. I know that I would have to get and eat it quick as I can see out of my preverbal vision that another walker was heading my way.

I have to get that meal, I can’t wither! I start to get myself to stand again but I just figured a faster crawl would be best for now while I went a speedy two seconds more than I was earlier. I can see the meat getting closer and closer while the walker must had thought the same thing as now, he too, is going after the same thing as I was. I was not willing to share the meal with him as he looked almost as boney as I was so he must have had the same thoughts as I was having.

I can see the walker start into a run. I was frightened that he was going to defeat me as I wanted to crawl on my hands and knees instead of on my stomach. I wish I had the coronation of an experienced zombie, human, that had better standards in that category than me.

I tried the tactic anyway and I was happy that I was able to be in that specialized category of this creature. I start to crawl on my hands and knees faster than I ever would on my belly and managed to get to the squirrel first.

I dug my teeth into its neck, hearing the final squeal of life while I started my small feast. I can hear the moan of the other walker and I growled back in hopes that he could tell that I was not going to share at all. I went back to my meal and it started to feel wonderful that I was able to get food into my belly. The ooze of blood and other things was wonderful to me while each bite was a taste of sensation of drink and meat all in one go. The fresh uncooked meat would possibly hurt me but as long as that other freak kept away I was happy with my version of carnage sushi.

I felt happy that I was able to provide but as soon as I got done with half of my divine meal, that I wished that it was never going to end, the same pesky walker started to come to me again and I was just about ready to finish off the rest of the torso to where I could get to the front legs. I figured that the legs were short enough that I could give at least one of them up. I broke one and it made a fracturing sound that possibly sounded like a dinner bell to this one walker, or so I thought. I glanced behind the one walker to see at least three more behind him and I was scared since zombies will eat others for a meal.

All five of the walkers came closer while I knew that I was outmatched and outnumbered so I left my meal alone on the ground and hobbled away to a safe distance. I was hidden behind a wall and I was happy that I was out of that small horde’s way. I could see each of them pile on top of one-another for a little scrap of food that might not even be in existence anymore.

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