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1. How my life change.

I was young once which all of us was I used to be ambitious and out of control coming up as a teenager my mom was a single parent doing all she could do to raise two boys and a girl . I was tuning wild trying alcohol staying out late at night sneaking out windows in love or so I called it with a older guy I never understood my mom until I was grown and had kids of my own she's is a wonderful mother whom I sore dearly at my teen age years I thought she was hard on me but in reality she's was only being a loving parent I was her only girl and of course she wanted nothing but the best of me. So as the years passed I was drinking more partying more and staying out later at night coming home drunk, fighting and having sex which I thought was cool at 18 years old I got pregnant had a miscarriage at 19 had gotten pregnant again had another miscarriage and at 20 got pregnant again at 21 I had a 8 lb 3 oz baby girl whom I named Jasmine when she was 3 months old I was raped by a neighborhood guy that I hung out with at clubs that's was the most devastating thing of my life I had gotten to the point I didn't want to take care of my child I was embarrassed about what had happened to me I blamed myself and so did the man whom I have loved since I was 16 years old he never had any remorse for me not even I'm sorry this happened to you I felt like I was alone there was times I even felt like taking my on life so then I started depending more and more on alcohol it was to the point I wanted to drink more and more I wanted to party more I wanted to feel loved but it was always in the wrong places I was mislead a lot following the wrong men around wanted to feel like some one loved me for me but years went by and none came to my rescue I grew more into the bottle then I stared using this drug called cocaine it was a drug that made me feel like some one so I thought then I started using more and more of it after a while I was staying up two and three days at a time it made me feel good I've never felt this way before I loved that feeling then when jasmine was at the age of 5 I had a wonderful man come into my life whom I adore till this day he wrapped me under his wings and lifted me up on my on two feet I put him through hell the first 5 years of our life I felt his love but I was still wanting to drink and party at that time that was more important inn my life but one night I cams home and I was drunk and high and I asked a friend of mines if I was to stop drinking and doing drugs would she still be my friend and she said of course I would I'll never leave you my boyfriend came out the room and looked at us both and said she's lying your never see her again and she replied yes you will but until this day I haven't seen or heard from her but it's okay because that night changed my life I stopped drinking and doing drugs on my own I never went to a rehab I did it because that's what I wanted to do it was in my heart to stop the mortal of this story is to let everyone know that you can change don't ever let any one tell you you can't because you can if your Will power is determine to be or do better than you can change I'm happily married today with the same mans that wrapped me under his wing who never let me go who always loved me no matter what we have been married 5 years but we have been together 15 we have 5 kids together jasmine whom is 20 years old another daughter name amber who is 13 years old this is our only child together we adopted a little name Faith whom is 3 years old a little boy name Cayden who is 20 months old and we have a foster daughter name Aaliyah who's 2 years old out life is complete now I'm no longer an alcoholic or on drugs I've been saved now 5 years we are a happy family I can't ask for anything more but I hope this touches someone out there just remember you can change.

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